Spawns plane = crash to desktop (no crash log and game already repaired/cache emptied/changed launcher)

PC player
Play Ground RB
Max video settings (no performance issues ever)
Cache was emptied
Launcher switched from Steam to Gaijin
Files Repaired

Crashes most times I spawn an aircraft, usually fighter.
It is not super consistent, but checking the map and crashes do CTD more often than not.
It seems to have started with the La Royal update.
A single instance of crash with log, even though it happens daily within about 3-5 maps.

If there is a way I can provide detail, pls give instructions. It is getting really tiring. I don’t need extra torture on top of 40.000 score within my 2 h I get in daily free time.

Even if you dont have a crash report, you have your .clog file of the session. You can create a bug report and send them on the dedicaced site:

Login with your GJ logs.

You can send more files with “additional files”. You can find this files in WT main folder and in folders .game_logs and .launcher_log