Hello Folks,
recently the amount of matches that end up me and my team getting spawncamped got
insanly high. Still I found no topic in the forum so far about this and I wonder why.

Am I the only one who have this problem or does nobody care?

I think the game would benefit a lot if it have a better spawnprotection, to make the game more interesting.
Some ideas:

  1. The spawnarea provides invulnerability by area, not by time like now.
    (only under the condition you can’t snipe across the map from the spawnpoint and SPAA would need a diffent concept)
  2. Wider Spawnareas and/or more spawnpoints so you can’t just focus on a single point to directly intercept any enemies and increase the risk to get flanked if someone pushes to close to the enemy spawn.
  3. entering the enemy spawn causes instand death.

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So no argument against it?

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By that logic, wouldn’t the anti air be unkillable lol, also people can abuse that.

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Spawncamping at the end of a match when a team has collapsed is unavoidable.

Spawncamping at the start of the match can’t be fixed entirely, but it can be alleviated.

One change I would like to see is the removal of spawn points, but the addition of spawn zones. These zones are larger, and would allow a player to spawn anywhere inside of them.


If you aren’t going to contribute, don’t respond.

Ideed the idea isn’t perfect, I know.

  1. No because people would sit and snipe and be impossible to kill

  2. Maybe, not a bad idea but I think Gaijin is working on it

  3. No. We had that back in the day. It sucked. It sucked a lot. I do not want it back. Ever.


I mean, getting spawncamped sucks. Spawns in general do need a rework, but I wouldn’t go as far to say major changes. I will go as far to say that if you get pushed back to a point of being spawncamped, you kinda deserved it, because you couldn’t reinforce your defensive line enough to keep them from pushing, or your team in general just likes to shit bricks. (I.e. You or your teams need to get better, don’t know which one it is, because I’m not one to stat pull)

  1. Absolutely not, because then people, specifically SPAA’s would sit in spawn and abuse it

  2. Possibly, but these become issues on maps like American Desert or Sversk-13

  3. No, just straight up no. Because if your team gets pushed back enough to be in spawn, and kill/be killed, that’s their own fault, also, then people will just sit outside and either snipe or ambush.


1- No, this would make spawncamping more of a problem, as well as be cheating.
2- No, this would remove a large portion of the map and encourage one death leaving.
3- No. This would remove the ability to leave the match before 9 minutes and not be crew locked.


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Most matches I am lowtier with my rank V german cardboard armored tanks. It’s really hard to do damage to enemies at all with the canon of the Leopard 1 and M48. Ending up as canon fodder if I encounter a T-55AMD for example is kinda the rule. Makes me questioning everytime where I went wrong. But I don’t see it.

If you placed at least 4 bases to appear at the ends of the map instead of 1 or 2 it would solve this problem a little, as the enemies would need to divide into smaller groups to stay camped and wait… And if it weren’t for cell phone maps, of course

sitting inside the spawn won’t capture points. But I agree the invulnerability should not be given if you can snipe across the map. Maybe the spawnpoints would need a rework in that case.

People will abuse #1. They will sit in it and shoot out or run in when threatened.

I never really found spawn camping to be a big issue even as a newbie.You can get ambushed anywhere.

Gaijin have long since sorted out the issue but still people complain.Your tank will now light up like a Christmas tree when you reach half way across the map and you have spawn protection so much of the attacking CAS will waste their only bomb on an invulnerable tank…nice.

The game is losing all the fun by the overdose of rules.Its been going 12 years and only lately has the copium been so overbearing and the training wheels have had to be fitted.

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If a team is defeated, making it harder to “finish” them will only prolong the game needlessly…
Spawn protection works fine as it is IMHO. If attackers overrun the enemy spawn means the defender lost, the initial invulnerability allows to deal with single intruders…

As to spawncaming from far…this is more of a map issue…and should be fixed there…

Spawncamping is the natural progression of a push, i dont really see anything wrong with fighting all the way up to that point - you said it yourself- it was the end of the match.

Your team simply lost the fight/engagement and the enemy pushed you back, that’s how engagements work in many cases even irl.

That being said, you do have 2 good suggestions there.

Spawncamping is the pinnacle of war thunder gameplay and the game encourages you to rush to do so as soon as possible.

Devs don’t think there is anything wrong with it so you’re actively playing the game wrong if you don’t do it. Also make sure to use your CAS/helis against people leaving spawn since they are more likely to run out of SP and you know where they are and it is typically open and vulnerable.

Spawncamping is the biggest brain strategy and a clear indicator of your superior skill and tactics over the stupid enemy who spawn in while you hide behind a ridge looking into their spawn to wait for them to move.

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