Its not necessairly a bug or but its a issue, The fact that the spawn protections it so short and kinda usless makes the matches unbearable. Game after game i have the enemy in my spawn and i really cant do anything when i have 5 diffrent enemys aiming and gunning me down. There is alot of players that think alike, and i would consider you guys looking a bit more into improving this, Maybe have a death penelty if they are in spawn or do something about the spawn protection so you can atleast get out of this god forbidden hole called spawn.
Thank you kindly,
Your top economic supporter ACE

PS. I sold my soul to the snail, pls do something about it

If there are five! opponents have managed to get through to your spawn, the game can often be considered lost because then your team has slept.
Spawn protection works well with one or two opponents. If you have the opportunity, you should use the second spawn. Is there no second one? Tactical error from the start as spawncamping was not prevented.
I found your choice of words for the spawn very interesting. Hole … that’s because more and more players wanted more protection. Unfortunately, barricades and other obstacles can also provide protection for the spawn camper. So the only thing left to do is to distribute the team well over the entire map so that there are no gaps in the defence.
Biggest tactical mistake … Lemmingtrains. Everyone stubbornly drives to a cap and the rest of the map is left to the enemy.


Welcome to WT, where it matters if your team has braincells or not.

If the team focuses on one side and looses it despite the numerical advantage, you are getting spawncamped.

Is the team capping points before you do and have good CAS, you get spawnbombed.

If your team is evenly out, yet the enemy team pushes for one lane, you are getting spawncamped despite winning the match.

Spawncamping frustrates you? Gaijin wins, seriously.

You already lost it as soon as you opened your wallet to Gaijin.

Oh … Just a reminder.