Spawn protection failure with no timer but timed refusal in the orange zone to get an advantage

What the hell is happening to this game
1, Spawn protection that doesn’t protect still allows enemy to drive in just like Mc Donald’s .
2 you cant flank them due to some bright idea to cordon off flanking and defending areas.
So what is the point of the game when you cant defend at spawn and cant flank to escape and kill enemy ?
Its about time this whole idea was looked at again .
! it was supposed to stop the very thing that’s happening now so instead why not put a 10second timer for spawn campers to reverse out or blow up like you do with being in the orange zone .
You cant have a timer for one thing and allow the other to carry on either one or the other has to change .
Bring back the map advantages as before or stop both spawn camping and out of bounds with timers .
The game is ruined as it is with all these changes cant do this cant go there the whole point of tank warfare if flanking the enemy when possible to gain and advantage not go head to head every time that’s making boring game play .
Surely there must be a way to have both that makes a good gameplay

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They’re shown on your map, and the spawn protection is on your vehicle.

It’s not to prevent you being hit, or give you somewhere to hide.


Spawns shouldn’t be easily defendable bastions for the team that has already gotten steamrolled… Almost all of the time spawn killing happens is when your team has already been decimated and there is nothing else for the enemy team to do other than push forward to the spawn.
The point of the game is to defeat and overwhelm the enemy force resulting in kills, captures, and wins, not to sit in the spawn and get free kills because they other team did much better than yours. If you see your spawn is under watch, DON’T SPAWN THERE. It’s a pretty simple concept…


I hate the new spawn protection personally as I play GRB. I might as well play Arcade.As Flying Doctor correctly stated protection gives you immunity for a while until you either find a foothold or maybe take a a spawn camper or two with you.

Your spawn area being overrun means you and your team blew it game wise(but not always ,they can come in and you can chew them up and go on to win).

I hate this spawn protection half way down the map,pure game killer for me.Nice for arcade but not on GRB.


what happened last night was two games similarly were spawn camped mainly because my “team” either went off to spawn camp the enemy or didn’t have a cue and lost all their vehicles in one go all i know about it was when i looked at the map in both games i was virtually last man standing

This was changed months ago…i prefer the present system…
Previous system would have the attacking team surrounding spawn, waiting for targets…now they can overrun it…so games end faster when one team is doomed anyway

Funny thing…it is also better for defender…you spawn and DONT MOVE…you are invulnerable for some seconds and can see the attackers…just rotate turret and fire…
You can take an enemy or two down with you…


If I’m in a casemate and turn the hull to shoot, does it count as moving? I’ve abuse the spawn protection a little and always wonder if the timer would count down faster if I turn the hull but never move an inch forward or backward.

My understanding is that you need to move a certain distance from your original spawn location. Rotating in place using neutral steering or shifting slightly due to hull traverse shouldn’t disable the protection.

It’s so easy to spawn and use a fast reloading vehicle or something to just decimate people shown on the map. Usually you can get 2 shots off before you are vulnerable to enemy fire. Free RP and SL if you time your spawns right if they are spawn camping you.