Spawn points in naval

I have played a lot airplanes and I began to explore ground and naval in arcade mode. Notwithstanding at the moment I suck in both, I have noticed that in ground I had more opportunities to get a plane than with naval. I admit not to have understand yet how spawn points work but I will go in detail with them. In the meantime, anybody can tell me why it’s seems to be such a difference and what is the best way to get more spawn points in naval (besides be generally good at playing)? Thanks

Naval has the 3 spawns of boats standard, and the SP is only for the planes…

If you want I can help you out in Ground RB and get you really into SP… It’s just encouraging pace and living longer doing more.

Thank you. I know that SP is only for planes and this was the object of my question. I had the opportunity, in naval, to respawn as a torpedo bombers on my line only once, whilst in ground I had many opportunities. Since I suck both in ground and naval with little difference, I wonder if the SP in naval is higher than in ground

It’s more that it’s harder to get in naval as it doesn’t have the base SP that you start with in ground.

It’s all about the longer lasting, taking more hits, dealing out more damage and capping more points to get it over all though…

It’s not so much that you ‘suck’ it’s more that you don’t know about it and that leads you to trying to learn under pressure in a live environment, which is where a lot of players end up having trouble.

The game just goes that fast.

Squading with people, makes this all a lot easier.

Now I understand. Thanks. I appreciate.

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Save yourself trouble and dont bring planes into naval (may in very low tier). AI of AA armament in naval is extreme and most of your attacks will be suicide runs.

Yea, this is unfortunately true… It takes a lot to use air in naval, and it’s commonly best to stay high and do spotting via map pings, or clear fighters and heavier bombers that are lurking up high.

Frankly, I did fairly well when I had the opportunity to spawn with my s79 torpedo bomber: I killed two destroyers before being downed (yes I’m an Italian main, and… I know). I deal with planes in naval because, while on naval combat, I want to go after the italian torpedo medal that requires 100 kills (players), and I do not know any other game mode to achieve it.

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By the way, do you know if the spawn points needed will be lower if I down tier my line up. I’m playing now with a 4.3 BR (RN Leone, RN Tigre and RN Comandante Margottini)?

No - they stay the same - you need a SCORE of about 640 to get your first plane, then roughly another 1300 for a 2nd of the same type (attacker/bomber, vs fighter), but only ~640 for a different type - bombers and attackers seem to count the same, fighters are the 2nd type.

Actual spawn points aren’t shown anywhere AFAIK, so I use score as a substitute

A couple of kills with torpedoes is pretty good actually.

In terms of killing ships - 1 x 1000lb/500 kg bomb usually kills any DD, torpedoes can be variable depending where you hit.

Correct, I have made further investigation. Now I have a better understanding: the amount of SP is visible in the spawn screen and it is updated during the match (you can check it in any moment recalling the spawn and map screen). You’re starting in naval with 450 SP (you can check this figure on the right high of the spawn screen) and so you need to gain further 200 SP in order to get the plane (the bomber is 650 SP). In average, 200 SP corresponds to about 2500 naval damage (I did not the calculation in terms of match points). I’m yet to figure out what I can kill with a one shot italian torpedo. I’m afraid that the 2 DD were one shot killed because they were already damaged. Yesterday I had a new opportunity: got a lonely French CL (apparently with no damages) and attacked him: the torpedo landed and hit perfectly in the middle but no kill (only heavy damage, the CL was badly inclined). Instead, my tail was cut in half … :-). I will retry today against another DD because I think that any ship higher will not make the day and, generally, AA do not get you a second chance (I was lucky before).

My experience is totally different. My Record is about 25 kills of naval vehicles in one round with an airplanes. For me that looks quite good. But, true, thats an exception.

But in generall u can dominate most rounds with an well played, well chosen airlane. Most imortant is target picking: u have to know which boats/ships have good AA.
Often its about patience: most pilots go down and rush for their target. Big mistake. Drop ur bombs (attacker / bomber only) at spawn, climb , check the battkle stats (TAB) for easy targets, have patience, come in from higher altitude and steep angle, get ur kill, climb again. If u r low on energy (low spead at low altitude) dont go for a kill, just drop ur payload, wait for relaod and climb.

Quite important that!!

And that!!

3/3! :)

Cool but still, you will get sniped by HE-VT no matter how high you are :D