Spawn points for FIGHTERS with A2A ordinance should be reduced

SPAA is becoming useless, many things are pretty untouchable if flown correctly now, so my proposal is that Fighter Jets with A2A ordinance should be reduced in spawn cost, by like %50, to make them a viable ANTI CAS option.

Do not increase the SP of CAS, just decrease cost of FIGHTERS WITH A2A ORDINANCE

I will give you an example how EXPENSIVE FIGHTERS ARE

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Spawning airplane is already super easy. I can spawn helicopter with ATGMs after average play with tank, airplane fighter must be even easier.

Mig-29 with only A2A loadout costs like 600+ SP to spawn in , it’s joke balance

I can spawn a heli with 4x AAMs, like the Apache at Br11.3 for 250 ish SP ponts, but a Sea Harrier FRS1 with 4x AAMs at 10.7 is 500+ (both in a 11.3 match)

CAP needs to be a lot cheaper than it is currently as CAP is more effective than SPAA at countering CAS but is often more expensive than a Heli with 16x ATGMs

It just doesnt make any sense, unless its a carry over from low BR where gun strafing can do damage.

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This is about spawning in something with pure A2A weapons, like a Sea Harrier FRS1 with only AAMs or something like the Tornado F3 for specifically attacking other planes or helis and not ground targets. Has nothing to do with spawning in a heli with ATGMs (which by the way. I can spawn in a heli with 16x ATGMs and 4x AAMs for less than I can spawn in a top tier jet with 4x IR AAMs and 4x BVRAAMs, with no CAS power at all)

Bump, its called ‘AIR superiority’ for a reason. Let my fighter do fighter things without costing 10x as much as an SPAA


Yes please, agreed. Gave you a heart