Spawn camping

fix spawn camping

Second suggestion regarding “spawncamping” ive seen in the past few days.

What exactly do you mean by spawncamping?

When team gets boxed in towards the end if the game?

When theres someone picking off players leaving spawn?

When there are people shooting spawn to spawn?

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Just look at the map before you spawn in. If your team has lost all of it’s caps and it’s a sea of red around the spawn(s)…DON’T SPAWN. Just leave the game. Don’t worry about those who say stick it out “for the team”.

Unless you know you can break out, save yourself the aggravation and just move onto the next match.


YES! Another “spawncamping” thread! AWESOME!

you’re way to excited about it man

First of all it should not be possible to shot from spawn to spawn in a direct line. There are a lot of maps where 1 side can hide and shoot into enemy spawn BC they dont have some hill or what else to hide.


Wow and the answer is a dumb comment to the sollution G R E A T S T U F F !

there can be no “solution” without a problem. If spawn camping is your “problem” it is up to you to find a solution, not gaijin. they have everything the way they want it in regards to spawn camping. my comment has to do with years and years of the same thread over and over again about something that has already been clarified over and over again.

my comment has to do with years and years of the same thread over and over again about something that has already been clarified over and over again.

Do you understand that you have the option to simply not read this thread if it bothers you so much?

If people move out of spawn, instead of staying there and try to snipe, then there will be no spawn camping.

Git gud and you wont be spawn camped

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The only way to fix that is
1 Reduce the reward for kills within spawn
2 Have active protection inside spawn that, not just the 20 seconds immobile, there is something and not a timer like there was before the tank destroyed you

with 1 the cheaters who fly over spawn and will only break a record of deaths will be reduced to zero

with number 2 no one would be happy

When the game is about to end and our spawn is completely overrun sometimes I use these 20 seconds to get another kill or 2 while being invincible, game ends, last spawn didn’t die.

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The best way to know if spawn camping would be if gaijin made a note saying if it is legal or not
Any other reference to is not welcome, it is not important, it is part of the game, spawn camping will be considered legal

I have an idea if you are at least 100 meters inside the spawn you should be invulnerable to any shots fired by spawn campers , another ides is that is Gaijin detects you are spawn camping that the player should be warned about this and if it occurs to much to be banned for 1 hour.

And this “solution” would apply even on situations where your teams losts control of the map and get pushed in and boxed into spawn by the enemy?

Yes it would

Then its terrible solution.

Why should people be punished for steamrolling the enemy team and boxing them in spawn?

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Most of what you consider as “spawn camping” is what happens when your team already lost and you keep respawning. Don’t respawn if you see red markers near your spawn on the minimap and there won’t be any “spawn camping” to complain about.

gaijin HAS said it was within the rules REPEATEDLY! That’s my point. For YEARS now. They’re so bored with it they won’t even comment about it in the forums anymore. Complaining about it is SOOOO 2018.