Spawn Camping and map changes

Map-design helps spawn campers. I think that for being in spawn detection zone you should get sl taken away per tick as punishment, like after 10 secs in spawn detection range you should get sl removed like 25 sl per second after the 10 second timer is over (these 25 SL only for low tier like br 1.0-2.0). Also spawn detection range should be increased in almost every map e.g. Berlin. Also there should be provided further cover to the spans like sandbags or trenches. What do y’all think about this?

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No. Air matches effectively have spawn protection and people hate it.

Ground has many tools for teams to deal with spawn camping. What you are proposing would have people hiding in bunkers.

In the example you give (Berlin), if the enemy team is so close then it’s probably game over.

What do you even mean?

I still have to tell people to dive from spawn campers, but yet they still climb to stall and die from them.

Airfields have AA so some players sit on them and hide, dragging out matches. It would seem that you only play arcade. Spawn protection means that people will hide in the spawns.

There is no solution you can propose that will do anything other than to shift the problem.

I don’t only play arcade. Sorry.