Sparrows (7F, 7E-2) unable to hit targets from above

I have been flying the F-4J for about 4 weeks now. Both variants of sparrows (AIM 7F and AIM 7E-2 DF) almost always miss the target if they are coming from above. This adds to a plethora of other problems with the sparrows and the radar, the primary weapons phantoms are supposed to rely on, making it extremely unreliable.

Gameplay Video

Thata just ground reflection. It happens to every radar in the game, and impacts every missile. Thats why top tier is the battle of lawnmowers.

You will see it happening to low flying targets any time. You will notice the radar tracking something beneath the ground, that being the ground reflection of the aircraft you are trying to track.


So you see here how the radar lock box is lower than the aircraft?
That is the multipath effect, it is caused by the radar waves being reflected off the aircraft and back on to the ground generating a false positional return;

Its a real thing and while it might be somewhat over stated for missiles like Skyflash and other mono pulse seekers, for missiles such as the 7F and 7E-2 its is understated those missiles are useless at hitting targets against the ground in real life. It wasn’t until 7M where this was resolved.


It should also be noted that in order to correct multipath a number of techniques are used;

But as far as I know as long as the target is within the height for multipath to work it will be undefeatable in game regardless of your actions. You’d need to fire from a VERY steep angle, so the impact of the missile is above 60 degrees.

You can also try unlocking 2-3 seconds before impact provided the target isn’t maneuvering it can sometimes hit, I’ve had limited success with this.

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He said if the target is coming from above, not below.

Watch the video

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I stand corrected then

Fairly certain 7E-2 is better than Skyflash DF at 11.3

They are identical other than gimble limits and track rate.

Thought it was a little better. But fair enough, so 7-E2 is very good at 11.0/11.3 then

  1. 7F/M
  2. R-24/SuperTEMP
  3. Super 530D
  4. Skyflash/Sparrow E2
  5. R-23
  6. Super 530F

Is how I’d tier them. Granted some of them shine in different areas but that’s a rough tier list. Also not talking into account reliability assuming non the missiles lose their minds.

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İmo super temp is better than 24R, 24R should be after supertemp

R-24R has more Delta V than SuperTEMP. More than R-27R as well.

There is lack of ground clutter filters in the game.

Yes as I said;

It would be nice to see clutter filters some day in War Thunder ;)

Supertemp is on a platform with better radar, and i think longer motor burn time also allows for better sustainment of speed. Not everything is delta V. R-60M has amazing Delta V, almost same as R-24 but loses that speed extremely quickly. It also has to do with weight and drag i know, but from my experience supertemp is better than R-24R unless the target is flying very low.

according to gyzabi and koppani chart the Delta V of the super temp(798m/s) is higher than the r24r (734 m/s) and r27r(692 m/s),

Right but the R-24R is probably the best SARH inside of ~4km. Its booster is bigger than any other booster. Obviously the lack of sustainer means past 4-8km not so good. But most engagements are that far away so?

Obviously like I said, not taking into account failures like the radar not working etc.

Most engagements i get are 10km+, and 24R has less Gs and faster speed means it can turn less in short range as well.