Sparking Cannons

This game is pretty much unplayable now. What is the point to fly planes armed with cannons when you shoot enemy planes and get only hit’s? I got my VB.10C-1 in air RB and did shoot down (with universal belt’s) He-111 down. It took ~480 round’s to shoot him down!!

Yeah I know that HS404 are bad but it is a same case with all cannons at the moment!! Why to make new updates and patches when Gaijin don’t FIX even these old issues??

You get some lucky shots sometimes with only couple cannon rounds but mostly you get these 4th of July spark fest!!

How many of you have these issues in here??


The 20mm MG FF/M stealth belts were working great yesterday on the FW 190 A-4. I quit firing the MG151 when I realized how well they were working.

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From my perspective you need to improve your aim mate. Even with the ridiculous low damage output of all HE belts (except mg 151s) i bet that ~460-470 shells missed. Post replay link if you try to convince me otherwise.

My own aim is quite lousy as i fly with joystick, SFC and instructor off, so i “wobble” like hell. But i prefer to attack with alt advantage and shoot when i got the best hit probability - so in a 90 degree dive on them from direct above.

Ur plane climbs good enough to outclimb any bomber, so you might choose another attack pattern and try to use ground belts, i see a lot of guys daily being very successful with hispanos.

Everybody since real shatter was now “introduced” to 0.50 cals too. Some planes became unplayable with the 20mm “HE update” some months ago.
Use search function with “real shatter”…

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Are you sure you are not missing your target? lol Make sure you use correct belt.

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There is nothing wrong with my aim. I don’t spray and pray. I have hear that most of these sparking issues are based on over loaded servers. Not so much FPS drops or PL losses.

Trust me I know how to aim. I don’t shoot any targets if they are over 400m distances. Have spotted that different cannon belts doesn’t make any difference with this sparking issues.

This thread might be suited may to distinguish between sparks and intentional low damage output:

I mean the topic is not new, the overall problem gets more obvious if even 3 hits with 57mm shells are not suited to kill a bomber, no idea why the link to this and other “open” bug reports is not working.

For your claim that changing belts has no effect - i disasgree. My US AN/M2 cannons are producing far better results with ground targets belts - with some luck you survive a full broadside of a P61 without significant damage if he uses air target belts.

Have a good one!

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I hit a 288 with american 37mm three times yesterday with no kill. I sure hope it was sparking.

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Well what I have spotted some random games cannons work and mostly… not. That’s true. But I have tried to find belts what actually work and I mean all games what I fly in air RB.

Know the feeling. Last evening with French P-39 Cobra shot 7 times Bf-109 and got nothing but those black buffs… Not credited even a hit!

Had to try and got more sparking than usually but still got good results.

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I strongly recommend to use AP rounds in large caliber stuff.

I tried to play with the 3.3 Ki-102 and the 57mm cannon (HE shells only option) and 3 hits on a Bv 238 produced 2 hits and 1 unspecified crit, the Bv left without smoking or losing parts - totally unimpressed, so i stopped playing this plane.

The 57mm in the T18B has way better ballistics but a lot of planes survived HE hits - the AP rounds helped me to get through the BP challenge without any effort…

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