Spall lining for the Challenger 2 series

Hello I’m putting my foot into the ring regarding the spall lining situation for the United Kingdoms ground tree. Here linked in this post is a defence company that specifically makes spall lining for the challenger 2 and other NATO members called “Permali”. Other notable vehicles they produce this modification for are as follows - Viking, Warthog, Bulldog, Trojan & the warrior IFV. They also produce the modification for the French army and their vehicles too.

Here is the link in question as my source, Spall Liners | Composite Spall Liners For Military - Permali

If you open an issue they seem to have reduced the requirements for proving it.

it was already reported and acknowledged

Not with a source pertaining to the issue that post is essentially “the challenger 2+3 is meant to have spall liner you should trust me bro” lol glad it was brought up though.

can you read? because in the post there is an orange rectangle that says “this issue contains information only visible for the author and employees”, since it was passed there is likely to have some source aside form “trust me bro”, otherwise they would tag it as not a bug.

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Permali develops protection systems by the looks of it


Military Armoured Vehicles

Permali has designed and manufactured to NATO STANAG 4569 and AEP 55 standards numerous spall liner and ballistic armour solutions for different types of MOD and NATO armoured vehicles, including:
­- MOD armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) such as Viking, Warthog, Challenger 2, Bulldog, Trojan, Titan and Warrior platforms for the British Army.

  • Medium and light protected patrol and infantry vehicles such as the VBCI Nexter and Aravis armoured infantry vehicle for the French Army and all MOD Foxhound patrol vehicle models for the British Army.


This is listed on their website

Hope this helps this ticket to further

It was with pictures of the internals, naturally that wasn’t enough. So I resubmitted the reports the other day using that same source you have.