Spall liners in modern tanks

Dont modern tanks andeven some older tanks have spall liners to protect and sheild against quiet a significant portion of spall from impacts and penetrations?
like in HE effects, the spall liner catches the shards before they cause damage (unless the shards are too big)
Similarly, in AP, the spall liner catches the most of the spall that isnt directly in the travel path of the AP round’s diameter.
so… what about this in WT?

They have sadly it’s just one nation that got them so far

Create secondary spall:false

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I believe vehicles like the Strv 103s also have internal spall liner plates that absorb shrapnel giving them added survivability to things like chemical rounds, as I assume you mean Russian tanks with carousel autoloaders in your original comment. If you mean the code specifically I wouldn’t be privy to that information as I’m not a dataminer, but if you mean the plates and/or screens that block further spalling as far as I’m aware it is not a Russian-exclusive feature

I could however also be entirely wrong so if I am please feel free to correct me :)

its not a plate blocking spall its plates blocking spall and not creating new ones even if penned
not to mention the strv103 should have 30mm internal armor not 10mm
and the fuel tanks on the 103c should not be empty they are not even 5.56mm tracer/ball prof

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well, they should have (most of the western MBT do have it as standard) but seem only one who get it right now are Russia and China?

i think spall liner as a standalone feature hasnt been implemented as of yet. truthfully, the only imitations of it in the game are code based binary values that either do or dont generate spall.

Here you go, here is the code:

What you are looking for is createsecondaryshatters and yes it is set to false on the T-80

From the T-80 code:

" “armorClass”: “t_90_rubber_fabric_screens”,
“hp”: 100.0,
“armorThickness”: 8.0,
“createSecondaryShatters”: false,"

It has been implemented in russian vehicles.

no i mean as a seperate feature as spall liner is not classified as armor IRL but rather as a preventative measure. in terms of code, this should be a separate and distinct function that interacts with armor, penetrators and charges universally (on all tanks that had it)

I am simply sharing the code, I have no idea their plans to implement it.

this code is an element of armor, while spall liner as a seperate function would be … well seperate and as of rn it isnt in Game

That is the BVMs side skirt…

I dont think rubber is supposed to create any spalling.Maybe I’m wrong?

I am not saying rubber is supposed to.