Spall Liner Mechanic Vote

How should spall liner be implemented:

  • Add it gradually, starting with T-90M.
  • Add spall liner after all nations get at least 1 vehicle with a spall protection system.
  • Make it a standard for all rank 8 modern vehicles even with limited information.
  • Don’t consider adding such features at all.

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None of the above.
Cause none of those options are one of the things that’s even occurring.

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Wt’s main goal is realism and to get as close to irl as possible, so that machanic should be implemeted in game, be it gradually or instantaniously.

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I’m generally against it. Spall liners exist to keep the crew alive, sure, but after a 2kg lump of tungsten knocks out your gunner’s cup holder and spills his Big Gulp, the crew doesn’t stick around and “go down with the ship” IRL. They retreat and/or bail out of the tank. It’s like giving a 1990’s Corvette more resistance to crashing in a racing game because it has airbags and the 1970’s one didn’t.

It feels like they are just looking for a way to adjust crew HP without just straight-up putting big MMO health bars on the crew.

Don’t get me wrong, I see how it might be appealing for matches to last a bit longer and it’s a new feature to geek about, I get how this can be fun, but I find it a little too unrealistic imo.


Fuel tanks already absorb spall, that this failure of a design has been rewarded while NATO tanks haven’t had spall liners modeled has been one of the largest contributing issues towards Russia’s win rates.

Spall liners should have been present across the board for all vehicles which historically had them. That it would need to be “guessed” modern vehicles would have something that’s been modeled as far back as the M60 is asinine. Gaijin’s deliberate choice to only introduce spall liners the second a Russian vehicle gets one is a damning gaping bleeding wound on the game. There can be no legitimate argument made that this game isn’t designed with Russian bias in mind.


Non- Russian tanks get fuel explosions instead.