Spaa SAM changes, liked or disliked?

I played a SIM today a bit killed 6 and 7 targets in FlaRakRad VT-1, biggest problem was that the Su-39 required two missiles to bring them down.
Not sure if the fuse changes or the Vikhr changes were the culprit but the FlaRakRad was not a food for Ka-50/52 anymore.

Difference being your playing sim where aircrafts view is locked to the cockpit so seeing incoming missiles is alot harder, not to mention the flight performance of the aircraft is different in comparison to realistic, these missile changes might work for sim, they certainly don’t work for ground realistic.

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as long as they think people can survive a 50 cal in the face, they can stuff their realism.

This just seems like a nerf so they can sell more planes.


I think most people want believable realism, sim players want true to life. Realistic has a good balance between the two but the missile changes is leaning way to much towards sim for realistic gameplay, everything else just easier out turns them.

I can’t even put in words how sad it feels to play the FlaRakPz now. I have now replaced it with the Gepard 1A2 as I’m unablw to hit any slightly moving target anymore.

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Ive stopped playing toptier now because of all these nerfs

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Seems to be the running theme with alot of the people I’ve spoken too myself, including about 3/4 war thunder streamers

This “unresponsiveness” of the missiles must have something to do with server latency or something like that. I just played around with the ItO 90M in a test drive and I feel like there the VT-1 manoeuvre way better than in a live game.
Something fishy is going on. I think the changes itself are not the problem, rather the way the input of the player for aiming isn’t properly transmitted to the server and therefore the missiles act like crazy.

Maybe. But I’ve noticed something as of a few days ago. It’s random now with me as far as how it launches out of the ADATS. But definitely once it goes downfield it’s messed up, it still curves all around instead of straight pattern and any little movement sends it all over the place. It’s beam riding and should be way more straighter and less sensitive to being so jumpy and erratic. What you’re saying may be correct because as I’ve said, at times when it launches it appears to be coming from way above my head and hitting from top down like a Javelin would. Makes no sense. Whereas the week before, it would fly directly out of the ADATS but either curve right into the ground or go sideways somewhere and hit something. Or it would swirl towards a tank and then curve over top of the tank or helis. Either way it is all messed up and they’ve screwed with something.

I think the changes overall are stupid and just created more problems than they’ve solved. The only change they needed to add was how many atgms of sam can be controlled simultaneously.


Why this game AirThunder???

Ground battle unplayable because example Ka50 kill easy every tanks about range 5km
And gepard cant hit with rocket because super system on heli.

This game not a simulator this just a game penetration random full fake no srapnels no blast effects

+Dont need a simlulator because the reality sucks we want play a balanced game and when they called ground battle why not still main ground Nonsense
Ari battle separate in game but ground not and not do something example buffing more SPAA and tanks defends.

Make the maps protects airplanes Big hills hide easy rides and never can capture airfields or destroys airplanes when refill
Airplanes relaxed safety plays on their own base side because auto cannons safe ass but what about tanks? Save any automatic cannons??? When respawn killing.
Airplanes give the all maps no limit no border no penalty time when blow up if going too far this is 100% air game bullsxyz@&


This is the biggest garbage change since volumetric (despite volumetric being an improvement over hull break).

It’s inconceivable to me that recent changes to missile physics were:

  • Actually thought out.
  • Tested internally for balance.
  • Isn’t some intentional nerf across the board to sell more premium planes and/or continue to hand hold the ARB mains in GRB.

A few further complaints for those troglodytes that like to call cope, side climb, or whatever edge lord comment is hot n fresh today.

All of the missile SPAA are complete garbage. I don’t care what flavor of the month/pet SPAA you think is still viable at top tier, it isn’t.

The only passable ones are Pantsir and Tor but they are both vastly overrated by the general community and obnoxious to utilize on the vast majority of completely dog shit maps that Gaijin still hasn’t managed to update for a decade.

Your best bet to deal with CAS in GRB is fielding either helicopters and/or CAP fighters and from a gameplay/grind perspective this decision is almost as dog shit as the map pool.

And that’s just the missile guidance.

Don’t even get me started on what they did optical tracking this patch or how they’ve completely rendered any proximity based SPAA useless by neutering IRST and general targeting behavior.

Oh! And the million scout drones that show up on track radar and can’t be filtered out - just to render your search radar completely useless for the two seconds you can actually toggle it on before RWR picks you up and you get nuked from orbit.

It’s incredible to me how badly Gaijin continues to muck up balance in GRB. God forbid CAS mains have to actually use a single braincell because it’s been reduced to addled mush after a decade of playing against NPC SAMS.

Comical that parachute bombs get added at a time when CAS pilots no longer even need to hit the deck because nothing that can be fielded on the ground is actually capable of killing any pilot who can move their mouse slightly left or right.

Despite the slight taste of goodwill in regards to econ changes, adjustments made to the balance in GRB have finally made me consider dropping this game for good. CAS/SPAA balance felt really good prior to Drone Age. Since it’s release ya’ll are just running this game into the ground to the cheers of teenage edge lords everywhere.



Something i noticed as well, in ARB ,the spaa is effected by the changes as well, the airfield SPAA is completly useless and doesnt hit anything you get so close to it the spaa cant react to you

110000% this, couldn’t agree more

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I like the new missile flight model because it feels more realistic, but they are way too slow to react and there is an obvious, unrealistic lack of damping/proportional guidance causing the “50G” missile to turn like 5G.

This unrealistic nerf has made top tier much easier for CAS players. Of course Russia and Chinese AA are affected the least because they’re the only one with automatic target leading (for some reason).
Also the Flarakrad being the same BR as the Pantsir when it’s MUCH worse in every single way… It can’t just be bias at this point.


Well at least we know now what the previous “Skyguardian” update was all about…guarding the sky from ground based threats while “La Royale” is about royally screing the ground players.


Absolutely zero chance these changes were play tested prior to release.

Got my hands on the XM975 recently and I can now say for certain that CAS is going to continue to dominate “Ground” Battles. I guess too many kiddies in their brand new, premium SU-25 were getting shot down and they had to nerf all the missiles they didn’t already ruin (see: Stinger).

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Also, I must ask (rhetorically) why Gaijin insists on calling “Ground” battles that name. The mode has quite clearly become Air RB 2.0 with slightly smarter ground targets. Especially sim where the player can first spawn a helicopter with ATGMs.

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GJ says this change is closer to “realism”, CAS fans say they’re using decade-old planes against modern SPAA…
But they don’t realize that decades ago CAS used TV navigation, and modern SPAA is using “manual” navigation.
I use Pantsir-s1, just need the plane for a slight glide, my radar will be exactly like the radar screen of my forefathers in Linebacker II.