SPAA now getting their missiles damaged, unable to shoot/repair/drop/ reload?

It has happened to me a few times, I get a near miss from main gun/machinegun, some camo from my missiles is dropped (thus, a projectile hit the missiles?), but get no damage warning, and then the bloody missiles won’t shoot and can’t be repaired, dropped nor reloaded.

Imagine how fun is that in a Ozelot or a XM975 or a ADATS M113 which have ZERO offensive capabilities vs ground targets… and now a single machinegun round apparently disables their AA missiles with no way to fix it?

If this is an unintended consequence of “externally stored ammo now can be damaged”, then fix it Gaijin, SPAA missiles are not the same as smoke grenades, FFS!!

And if is intended, well then, thank you for fukking SPAA players for no gain, Gaygin. WTF are you thinking??

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