SPAA module RP should be reduced

Some SPAA are more capable when stock than others, some are quite crippled.
Regardless, for an SPAA vehicle there aren’t nearly as many opportunities to get RP as other, more tank-killing vehicles. That is especially true for SPAA that lack the ability to kill tanks in their free time.
I have the 9.3 Machbet acting as my top tier SPAA for Israel. I have almost spaded the Merkava 3s and the Merkava 4B, soon will get the LIC. And the Machbet is still closer to being stock than spaded.
When I will get the Chaparral, these problems will persist of course. Not every aircraft is killable. For example helicopters loitering around 8km are untargetable by the Machbet and Chaparral, and unfortunately they’re a sizable chunk of the supposed SPAA food.

I think SPAA should either have critical modules not pushed as far back as tier 4, or otherwise have their module RP costs reduced.


+1 agree dude

the voice of one crying in the wilderness…

Or, hear me out, killing a plane with a ground unit should give the same amount of RP and SP if not more than killing a tank, providing the SPAAG with the means to do so

It is actually my most frustrating mechanic. For killing airplanes, I get maybe 1/2-1/3 of the RP/SL as I do killing one tank. And yet, killing the tank is easier. And I am no means shy to hop in an SPAAG- I love them. Or anything that can take out aircraft. But the moment it is unprofitable and illogical, why would I chase aircraft? If its between one air kill and a ground kill, the ground kill is what I will go for if I am grinding simply because it gives me so much more.

There have been games I have killed 5,6 airplanes in a SPAAG/vehicle at 6.7+, with a couple of assists and zone caps. Had I killed tanks, I would have had a nuke. But because its airplanes- nope! It is ridiculous, quite frankly, and something I would like to see changed.

Also, the BR/Rank of the plane should not be regarded in its destruction, or be regarded much less.


This is very much dependent on the SPAA. With the current BR of the R3 (and it’s actually going up to 6.0 now), you will probably go dozens of matches without a tank kill in it - it just straight up doesn’t have the pen.

Plus the several missile-only SPAA around here, except for ADATS.

Yes it is dependent on the SPAAG, but there are plenty of SPAAG that can do it. And the ones that can do it most certainly will. Look at the Gepard, or the Swedish Leo 2 w/ Marksman turret, or the LVKV9040C, or the ADATS, or the M19/M42, or ZSU-57-2, or ZSU-37, or ZSU-37-2, or Shilka, or the M163, or the R3, or the Zerstorer 43 or whatever, or the Kugelblitz, or the WIrblewind, or the Ostwind, or the Falcon, or the Crusader AA Mk. 1, Or Crusader AA Mk. II, or ZSD 63, or PGZ04, or the Phonk Kong T-34, etc. etc. etc.

I have seen many people tank hunt in these. Why? Because its more ‘cost effective’ and gives you more rewards, and in some cases these vehicles are flat out better than the tanks they sit with. It also helps you play the objective more. Why would I want to go for planes if A. it can’t help me win or B. it isn’t giving me rewards?

Of course, for the Dedicated platforms, with either no guns or weak guns, it becomes more difficult. But again, if Gaijin upped the reward bonus for shooting down aircraft/helis/drones, it wouldn’t be an issue. So.