SPAA lock on

I got the ItPsV90 and have shot probably 2 planes out of 20+ games . Why?

Because when I try to lock on with the radar it automatically locks on to my friendlies and the turret just 360 no scopes . Also when I lock on to enemies it’s just locks to a patch of a sky and the lead indicator it’s just bullshit since the bullets don’t even get to the target since it’s “locked on” below them . WTF IS THIS . I have encountered this thing many times with SPAA .

Wasn’t CAS already a cancer ? Now I have to deal with this bullshit ? Ffs . I hope this is a bug


Don’t forget you get almost no rewards for destroying planes using SPAA


True reward is helping your team. Stop being so selfish…

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This is because you are not selecting the radar target to lock onto before pressing the lock button. You need to bind both

This is potentially intentional and potentially a bug, but it happens basically the same with all the radar SPAA, ive seen it on the Shilka, ZSU-37-2, anything with the marksman turret. the only thing ive not seen it effect is the gepard.

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This game has to many buttons that aren’t even binded and you have to guess which one does what . Ffs ,

Isn’t ItPsV 90 same as gepard ? Just different turret ? I’m tired of trying to help and still get clapped by cas

I think it has a different radar set, it is probably worth bug reporting to be honest because it is a really stupid feature if it is intentional.

Here is the bind

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The funny thing is that in test drive everything is normal when locking in any aircraft . But in matches , some times it locks under the plane and just can’t shoot it down .

This happens with helis too . I’ve encountered this more with heli’s than planes .

next time it happens , I’ll try and snatch some Screenshots and report a bug problem

Well it wouldn’t hurt to get an increased reward. This would actually make playing as a SPAA in its intended role worthwhile.

I apologize. I only have 4 countries and the anti-aircraft gun indicated by the author will never be available.However, I note that it is better to shoot from the Soviet 4x23mm at a distance of less than a kilometer without the help of a radar.The help of the fire control radar only gets in the way here.

The Gepard also has that effect, I´ve seen it now on any gun SPAA with radar, my assumption is that it has to do with ping of the enemy player. The higher the ping, the more sway you have. You can see it sometimes even Air RB where players are zapping around 20-30m from left to right despite you having 20ms ping. Another reason why GJ finally should implement ping counters.

I’m not being selfish I am just stating the fact it gives little to no rewards. Most of the people on my team 1 death leave and the enemy will flood the skies with CAS which a single SPAA(aka me) can not deal with alone.

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The radar selects the first thing that pops up. Any plane above your search radar will not get selected. Best practice is to enter your scope to lock that way. Doing so forces the radar to try to lock whatever is in front of your scope.

I am assuming this is low alt locks. At low alt, the radar struggles with ground clutter and it moves the box lower than the plane. You should be avbe to just aim higher and hit them as the horizontal lead is unchanged.

Could you please record your gameplay so we can see the problem better?

Welcome to War Thunder Teamwork doesn’t exist. It almost doesn’t at all. If you want teamwork Gaijin would add an in-game translator and in-game voice chat that isn’t the useless Squad voice chat which only works if you are in a squad.

I think you tagged the wrong dude. I am not the one having the issue.

Indeed. I meant to reply to Anti_Tank_Pyotr

i agree 100%

A nice boost for killing planes would be more than welcome.

BUT i would then like the reward for killing ground vehicles in an AA to be lowered.

Far to many people looks at the AAs as cheap tank-destroyers.

Ive lost count on how many time ive been bombed, while several AAs are pissing about in the bushes on a picnic looking for tanks.

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No need for translator. Often all you need is to look at map.

Or get rid of this victim mindset and learn those few english words

And if Your team spawns more SPAA, it will be flooded on the ground.

…Yeah ok let’s also get rid of the possibilities of communication you know that whole thing about “Teamwork”