"SPAA Enthusiasts Unite: War Thunder's Cry for a Dedicated Update!"

Would you like a Properly dedicated SPAA update, For all the nations of war thunder
  • Yes ( make it harder to bully the team with CAS spam )
  • No ( Keep my CAS a general problem )

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War Thunder has undoubtedly evolved over the years, constantly introducing new tanks, aircraft, and naval vessels. The game’s development team has striven to maintain a dynamic balance between various vehicle types, ensuring that no single category overshadows the rest. However, one category often overlooked in updates and patches is Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft (SPAA) vehicles. It’s high time we, the community, make a compelling case for a much-needed SPAA-focused update.

HE Slingshots vs. SPAA:
In War Thunder, High-Explosive (HE) slinging tanks and aircraft have had their fair share of spotlight in recent updates. From the introduction of formidable ground attackers to the improved penetration of artillery rounds, the HE slingers have been enjoying their time in the sun. While they undeniably contribute to the game’s diversity, the SPAA vehicles seem to be stuck in the shadows.

The Neglected SPAA Lineup:
SPAA vehicles are a vital component of any army in real life, but in War Thunder, they often remain an afterthought. Most nations’ SPAA lineups lack depth and variety, making it difficult for enthusiasts to explore different playstyles and strategies. In addition, many SPAA vehicles are underpowered, leaving players with limited options to effectively counter air threats.

Proposing a Dedicated SPAA Update:
To create a balanced and engaging gaming experience, it is essential that War Thunder shifts its focus to SPAA vehicles in a dedicated update. Here are a few reasons why such an update is needed:

  1. Variety and Depth: SPAA vehicles come in numerous shapes and sizes, from lightly armored, fast-firing platforms to heavily armored, slow-firing beasts. A dedicated update could introduce a broader range of SPAA vehicles, adding depth to the game and allowing players to explore new tactics.

  2. Historical Accuracy: Many SPAA vehicles have rich historical backgrounds and served critical roles during World War II and other conflicts. An SPAA-focused update could help educate players about these vehicles and their importance.

  3. Improved Air Defense: In a game where aircraft can dominate the battlefield, enhancing the SPAA lineup would provide a more balanced gameplay experience, making aerial assaults riskier and more tactical.

  4. Engaging Gameplay: SPAA vehicles can offer unique and exciting gameplay opportunities, catering to players who prefer anti-aircraft roles. A dedicated update could introduce new features, mechanics, and challenges that make playing SPAA vehicles more enjoyable.

  5. Community Satisfaction: Many players within the War Thunder community have expressed a desire for a more substantial SPAA presence in the game. Addressing their requests would boost overall satisfaction and player retention.

War Thunder’s commitment to balance and historical accuracy is commendable, but it’s crucial to remember that Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft vehicles played an integral role in real-life conflicts. An SPAA-focused update would not only enhance the game’s historical realism but also inject new excitement into the gameplay experience.

We urge Gaijin Entertainment to consider the community’s plea for a dedicated SPAA update. By doing so, they can rejuvenate the SPAA lineup, providing players with more choices, enhancing historical accuracy, and fostering a more balanced and immersive gaming environment. It’s time to let the SPAA enthusiasts rejoice and bring them to the forefront of War Thunder’s battlefield.

Edited to add a Poll Please answer it so gaijin can see what a problem CAS is at MID Tier


1: Many SPAA’s in real life utilized the same platform as they used the same gun types. Making them often no more or less effective.

2: HIstorical accuracy would not all benefit the casual player, giving them a blob about the history behind it does nothing. Another thing is the limited amount of information would be lacking for a lot of AA vehicles. Either for a plethora of reasons.

3: Improved Air defense would be nice however not every nation had time fused shells built to an AA platform and as it stands Time fuse shells atm in-game are a very high skill set as they were designed to engage bomber formations not aircraft.

4: While SPAAs being catered to would be nice, I mean that. Many do not have the capability for the Anti-Tank role that they are going to be pushed into If aircraft do not appear in a battle. Which means cannot fulfill the job they are designed for.

5: I would like to see more though. But a majority of SPAA’s were just a different platform with the same guns.


Now this is a post I can get behind in the “CAS debate” SPAA really needs some major TLC and is, in my opinion this is 80% of the problem.



War Thunder SPAA balance is in need of adjustments across several nations. Sweden particularly lacks sufficient SPAA options at battle ratings ranging from 4.0 to 7.0. Japan and France also face similar deficiencies across various battle ratings.

Interestingly, the USSR has seen consistent improvements in their SPAA vehicles, and Germany seems to be holding up well with the Wirbelwind and Ostwinds. While England’s SPAA options are acceptable but not exceptional, the USA offers the M16 gun carriers with quad 50s, providing reliable support up to around 6.0 before facing more skilled opponents who may bomb you. The M19 gun carriers are serviceable, though mastering the challenging 40mm Bofors gun ballistics, particularly for Sweden, can be a unique skill to acquire.

Yeah, Im a Britain main and we have voids too. Nothing betwene 5.3-8.0 (arguably 8.3 for an actual SPAA)

Our 8.3s are meh, no 9s, our 10.3 is broken currently and our 11.7 is an ATGM launcher.

Its a real shame, there are so many possibly optiosn to be added for all nations, including some great multiroles, but they just wont add anything to fill that gap

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I’m a Sweden main we pretty desperately need something instead of the Lvkv 42 with its short ammo capacity (I’m often forced to use the L-62 Anti II to cope with this problem, although its not favourable due to its slow fire-rate), additionally SPAA is particularly lacking at 5.0 - 7.3 where we only have the dual 57mm “SPAA” when its actually an SP-AT

With SPAA you either have the small calibres with high fire rates and low damage, or large calibres with low fire rates and high damage
12.7mm M16 to the 88mm flak

When it comes to Japan. several WW2 AA platforms are missing. I shall name a few.
Type 98 20 mm AA half-track vehicle.

However some claim there is a Ta-Se and So-Ki used the Type-2 20mm cannons
There is also the Ta-Ha SPAAG, which was never built but apparently plans were to have a single 37mm and a duel 37mm. Since this is a paper design probably will not be added.
Ki-To is another SPAA platform that is little more than a 20mm strapped to a turretless tank chassis.
This is very far-fetched but they could add the 25mm naval cannons that were likely placed onto a destroyed Ka-Mi and or abandoned amphibious tank.

Many more were named on this post in the old forums

I admire the your spirit but sadly the game you are looking for is not Warthunder.
Gajins answer to WW2 SPAA issues is to shoehorn some modern rubbish in to quickly fill a gap and hide glaring errors in line up gaps when giving birth to new nations in the game.

An example would be the AMX-10P which was plonked into the French AA line up at 5.3.Damn thing is actually a troop carrier in reality but it’s in the SPAA line for France to fill a glaring gap.

The best thing I have at 5-6 BR in any nation are WW2 props like the Do or the Corsair.Now those of us who play 4-3 have to face the AMX 10 P when it’s down tired,which it will be,much.

What a s**t show.That is the way it’s going I’m afraid not how you or I would like.Nice suggestion going nowhere.

Amx-10P is 5.3.
This means you were up-tiered to 4.7 while it was down-tiered to 5.0

god forbid gaijin can somehow add the German WWII SAM systems lol. id love to see them though

Well, its 4.3 to 8.7 for sweden. Unless you count Bkan 1c and ZSU-57-2 as spaa.

France did get something this update which fills some of its needs which is quite nice.

But yeah, US, Japan, France, and Sweden do kinda need a 6.0 to 7.0 range of dedicated spaa. Something as a inbetween of early radar spaa and slow rof Bofors.

I mean the CAS for my 5.3 line up for France is the P47 .

It was a badly made point on my part but I guess it does show how far behind some players CAS is compared to their Ground forces.
I only have the latest and greatest on some nations.Like many I got into CAS late and it does not match my Ground Line up in BR.So I am facing 70s tech in some real old planes but as I said everything at 5-6 for me is WW2 pretty much or not far off.

Immersion dies yet again.

I really appreciate the effort you put into this. I love playing SPAA and I would really love to see the gaps filled and more options to choose from.


Doesn’t exist.

A lot of SPAA players do not know how to hit a target. No matter the distance they often aim straight never off the target. Most do not know how to roughly estimate the spot where to aim and keep firing even If the enemy aircraft is probably 7 clicks away.


How can we change this?

Make a tanking tutorial for AA vehicles


Using CAS or SPAA is a skill to learn like any other.Only way round it to suit everyone is a no CAS mode.
Those bugged by CAS don’t have to endure it and those who like it keep the game as it is ,unruined by the haters can and I say that because I see how loaded the vote is by how its worded.

In low to mid rage I would say it is fine as it is.Above that its all about missiles and a different world.
You would be hard pressed to get near a modern US Aircraft carrier in a plane these such is the real power of SPAA.Does anybody really want that in the game?

Whoever cries about CAS or helicopters seriously has 0 experience in them , apart from the f16/f14 and the top gen thermal bombers everything else requires serious skill to pull anything meaningful and not get blown up the second u spawn

If anything SPAA should require points to spawn with missiles , i know u people will get mad but its a harsh truth