SPAA dying to destroyed aircraft/helos

I thought that destroying aircraft in Ground RB prevented them from firing/bomb/rocketing, was something addressed during the last patch?

What is the point of playing a SPAA and destroying (unless it’s a pilot kill) the aircraft/helo only for that aircraft/helo to be able to continue to fire?

I know one of the dev’s stated that they should get the ability to get revenge. But come on, it does get tiring of doing something to curb the CAS threat to our team only to be killed when using a open topped type of vehicle, by a vehicle that is destroyed according to the game feed.


To be able to fight to the end. The enemy isn’t dead until they can’t fight back.

In air RB, you can sometimes land and repair when you are considered dead, same in GRB.


Ahh, the “fight through it” mechanic again. Nothing like it, makes the game really amusing. I kid, I wish it didn’t exist and forced a loss of control upon reward of the kill. Makes things pretty dumb in Air RB most of the time, especially with bombers and their gunners. I also hate it in Ground because you can still fire guns and drop bombs after a kill is awarded. I understand why it’s there, but I just don’t really like it. If the plane can fly/fight it isn’t dead and and kill shouldn’t be awarded.


It is getting better addressed this year. They are going to overhaul the heli damage models which should make kills more “deadly”.

Biggest issue with helis is that they have the extreme version of “no armor is best armor”. They have zero armor and are like 80% empty space.

TARGET/AIRCRAFT DESTROYED is much different than critical damage. I don’t have an issue with nursing an aircraft/helo back to base to be repaired.

The Alouette helos are like that. Bubble canopy but apparently tank/cannon rounds can cause very little damage at times.

Yeah. I am hoping that the overhaul adds a fair bit of models around the heli. That should mean that critical hits, not those fake critical hits, go from a 20% chance to 60%-70% at least.

  1. Coaxial helicopters - They do not need a tail to stabilize flight and can be flown while critically damaged like when the tail is shot off.

  2. When the pilot is conscious and able to control the aircraft and system that are still functioning to some extent the aircraft is not “dead”.

  3. It is not a issue or a bug.

Lastly - Yes you can drop a helo IRL buy hitting it with something even as small as a 9mm in the right place. They are built with soft allow and you have to damn well hit it in the right place to take it down with one hit if you do not use HE or HEFrag rounds as most of the time you will just have a “through & through”.

Game wise - hit it in the engin or pilot snipe. WT does not account for forward velocity to autorotate so the helo becomes a brick that falls out of the sky.
Planes - some of them can fly with no wings, just cause “destroyed” does not mean “no control”.


I feel like there should be different degrees of kills with different rewards. A mobility kill vs a pilot kill is a LARGE difference, and in some cases helicopters without a transmission can crash, though it takes a while and they can still guide munitions on the way to the ground.

A pilot kill, however, is the be-all-end-all of kills.

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There were plans announced to introduce a new level in aircraft damage to better define ‘kill’ and so prevent the condition where dead aircraft still get their revenge. It should go something like:

Hit - no change, minor damage

Critical - no change, major damage to specific components

‘Serious’- new definition, multiple critical hits. Still operating but barely. Can still fire weapons but unless already in the attack run it will have major difficulty.

‘kill’ - improved definition. Pilot incapacitated or aircraft fully unable to operate. No weapons allowed.

It should get rid of the ambiguity that currently surrounds the ‘kill = dead?’.


Why aren’t the SPAAs given the same treatment? You should be able to at least fire your gun as long as there’s one crew member left.

That was always possible. If the pilot lives and the weapon is not damaged, it can be fired.

Once I was doing CAS, got “Killed” (Wing Ripped off), Killmessage was in the Killlog. But no J-Out Timer.
I still killed the AA with a Bomb AND returned to the Air Field to be repaired. Then later got killed again.

Was two times in the Kill Log with one life lol. But I don’t know if that one is still possible.Text

Ye, I don’t get either why War Thunder decided to go with the “1 Crew Member = Ded” Mechanic. But I mean on the other hand even just having your tracks damaged is considered a mobility kill in real life.
You just have to make compromises in such games.

Just continue to fire on the plane, even if it is dead, till it says that you knocked out the Pilot or it crashes. I always do this when playing SPAA.

Because tanks don’t have the same mechanic. At one point there was a mechanic that allowed you to do that in a tank, but it was removed because it was not liked iirc.

This can sometimes be inconsistent, for example some planes are counted as dead while they can stil fly fine, same with helis.

The heli DM changes coming later should help fix this issue.

In the case of a KA-50 as an easy example, because of their prevalence, a cut off tail would be a death sentence for any helicopter pilot, and a death spiral would ensue, however, the Hokum-A/B helicopters don’t need a tail to fly due to Co-Axial spinning rotors, but it still gives the kill, because it doesn’t have a specific code in place for them to not display kills, also, if you “die” in a helicopter, but are still stable for a while, you can’t launch guided missiles because gaijin made it to where you can’t target them, but you can fire rockets, so it is possible for a pilot to fire ordinance after the “destruction” of their aircraft.

They’ve decided it’s to be a certain way as stupid as it is, so I’ve just decided it’s easier to just accept it in it’s current broken state.

Correct. It wasnt liked in ground rb so it got removed and is now only in arcade.

We all seen this, 9 years old but still lol Skip to 00:50 seconds and will see. “it will fight back”

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The 2024 roadmap should address this, if we can overpressure light tanks with more armor than a helicopter then the pilots should turn into mush too, but another thing they could do is actually model ballistic computers and destroyed optics to prevent aiming and firing.