SPAA are useless unless you're soviet

There’s a single SPAA apart from the soviet pants that can do anything against any player outside the range of 9 to 10km…


Sweden used to… or if you want to play 9.7 play the Lvrbv 701

I totally agree. That said, to circumvent the “no separate radar vehicle” issue that disqualifies many NATO SPAA options, I’m praying and hoping for SLAMRAAM. There’s no excuse not to add it after FOX-3 is rolled out to everyone.


Range is 15km+, which can finally allow a number of nations to have capability similar to the Pantsir.


Gaijin: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm anyways, we gonna add another SPAA for Russia and a total broken Jet that can absolutely kill anything +100km


What, was anyone under the impression that Gaijin wouldnt artificially make Russia #1?

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