SPAA Again in Heli Arcade Battles is an issue

I think it needs to be toned down still another 20% i was playing today and during a cap a convoy got 9.5k feet and sniped me. Then when respawning I destroy a base then have to reload and almost 5 sec after that one spawned under me and SPAA killed me, they also have armor from the last one that died maybe move them to a different spot please.

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I have footage of both deaths if u wanna see i can upload it on youtube.

This is like your second thread regarding the Heli EC mode StealthyShot. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but you are posting in the wrong section of the forums. This is Simulator Battles; covering only Sim EC (air) and the Ground SB mode.

We don’t have our own mode to fly helicopters, unless you play certain top-tier lineups in Ground Sim, when in rotation.

Eah, convoys spawning below your helicopter while you casually flying somewher is frustrating and marally damaging.

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This is 2 seperate issues

The first is AI controlled SPAA. Its rather broken in all EC modes. and totally brutal to deal with without specialised weapons. They’ve needed fixing for a long time and their last fix, was half baked.

The second is Heli EC. with it spawning battlefields and convoys randomly with no warning (also happens in SB EC, but you are usually able to move away in-time) Heli EC much like SB EC, needs a truck load of love. In the short term however, they should add a 1 minute grace period to SPAA in Heli EC, where it doesnt fire at anything

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I feel like the spaa has been nerfed a bit and or i have gotten a lot better at weaving it. The other issue still occurs but a bit less frequently I may have gotten really unlucky with that or more base locations r being used in the code. I agree all SIM need a rework even the economy a bit it feels like it only impacted Realistic and Arcade economies.

If you can make 40-60k SL in 5-10 min of jets why cant u make 240-360k SL in an hour of Sim. Its the same proportionally.

Sim economy is based upon activity time not specific actions. Now you can make quite a bit, especially in a premium jet, but you do need to be highly active. They’ve made some improvments already, but yeah, many, myself included want further improvments on the economy side of things