SP Cost of CAS in Top Tier

So after the patch I made a mistake and thought I might play Japan

I noticed it was going to cost over 1k SP to spawn in with x6 Mavericks(or x2, cost is the same) and 4 9Ls.

By comparison the Mirage 2000-5F can spawn in with x2 Magic 2, x2, AS-30L, Targeting Pod, x3 GBU, 2 Dumb bombs and its cheaper

How does this make any sense.

  1. Why is the SP cost the same for x6 and x2 Mavericks.
  2. Why is a much better loadout ~300 SP cheaper.

1040 SP for a Jet with only Mavericks + 9Ls is too high.

P.S. this isn’t a thread about your opinions on CAS. This is a thread about discrepancies loadout/effectiveness of loadout.

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Check your 20mm ammo belt, non-stock belts typically add extra SP cost.

At the moment, the number of munitions doesn’t scale the cost.

Fire-and-forget is higher than non-F&F.

I think so too! I think every rocket or bomb should cost a certain amount of SP. It can’t be that the German F4f with 2 rockets costs exactly as much as the American version with 6
Rockets are just ridiculous. Gajijn please do a decent job, that’s just unfair!!!

I did forget to swap my 20mm belt back to default after playing some AirRB, but the cost for the loadouts is still accurate.

I would strongly argue that F+F without a targeting pod should cost less than laser guided.

Damocles TP has thermals, zoom and is HD. You can see everything on the battlefield.
Maybe I am just trash, but I find laser guided munitions to be much superior to TV.

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I’d say laser guided weapons are not necessarily superior, but it’s the implication that you get a TGP that makes them superior in practice. If I had a TGP on all aircraft with F&F munitions, I’d rather use those. Though laser guided weapons do have their intrinsic advantages over F&F. Anwyays, sure it can be mitigated by more experience but having a TGP just improves one’s efficiency by many times.

Overall, I think F&F missile SP costs are indeed way too high, or rather they cap way too early, in fact even just carrying 1 in your loadout maxes out the SP cost. I think it should maybe only be the case with 2+ or something. F&F GBUs don’t have this issue, actually carrying less or more makes a difference in SP, I think they cap in cost after 3. Additionally, maybe the F&F missile SP cap should be lowered to be the same as for these LGBS, at around 200 SP instead of like 330 SP, with the cap only increasing to 330 SP for them if you have a TGP in the loadout. This is because I do also think F&F weapons without TGP are just tons worse than with one (though the Russian ones are slightly better because they have variable zoom). But I feel the current implementation doesn’t support this and the devs would need to rework the SP calculation system a bit.

the PGMs on the Mirage boost the cost to +343 SP no matter if you take 1 or 3

That’s why I never use them, have to be earning 900 SP to spawn in with 3 super slow, high smoke propelled TV bombs

Yeah that’s because in game wise, they are classified as F&F missiles, which makes them cost so much. Not very nice indeed.

They basically are guided missiles at the ranges we use them at ingame.