Soviet Union F4U-1C

1:72 Chance Vought F4U-1A "Corsair", aircraft "51" of an u… | Flickr
Russia/USSR should get a F4U-1C Corsair, idk why i just thought it would be cool. BTW THIS IS FICTIONAL

Do you have proof that they had corsairs?

It’s fictional

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Then they won’t get it. But I do think it looks cool :)

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Thank you i do think its cool to



Nah, they don’t need it. No practical need or purpose.

If they never used the Corsair, why would they get one?

Why does usa need more Abrams packs?

That makes no sense… The USSR never used the Corsair, the US uses Abrams, so it makes sense that they get more Abrams packs…

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no, no historical basis and copypaste

USA is irrelevant for this.

But the USA actually uses the Abrams, USSR never used the Corsair.