Southeastern city/hk map is ALL WRONG

As a person living in HK, i can recognize the southeastern city map is actually Hong kong.(the airfield setup is for the game mode ground strike)(all photos from g maps)
I can also tell you, although i dont expect it to be extremely accurate, there are parts that i am absouluteley disgusted by. Although the tunnel is really accurate(yes, IRL there is a tunnel there), some parts just look horrible.
1: lantau island

Hong kong’s main international airport, chek lak kok international airport is marked as sea in the war thunder map. also most settlements nearby are non-exsistent.
2: Kowloon

1: the cross harbour tunnel(marked in red) somehow became a bridge.
2: the whole of central kowloon has been absoloutely flattened.
3: There is no airfield in the area marked in black(which is where an airfield is in the southeastern city map). At the same time, the former kai tak airport has been shortened by a lot. war thunder can either move the airfield to the former kai tak airport(but this would mean the era would be pre-1998) OR put the east team’s airifeld on an aircraft carrier.

3: northern hong kong and shenzhen
most of this part is fairly accurate, but i have some things to point out:

  1. shek kong airfield is overly long. the real life length of shek kong airfield(used as airfield for team in the west) is marked in red, while in war thunder the airfield(war thunder version in black) flattens the district of yuen long and is unrealisticly long.
  2. WHY IS SHENZHEN FLATTENED? the city north of hong kong, shenzhen is non exsistent and is only a plain grassland. Like, at least add some buildings there.

How gaijin could improve this map:

  1. instead of some imaginary airfield for the east team, we should make it north VS south with the north team continuing to use shek kong airfield and south team using chek lap kok(also mark the island as an island and not sea).
  2. fill in middle kowloon and shenzhen with buildings
  3. if possible, make it as accurate as possible
    4: it could be possible to make the map change between brs, just like the flanders map.
    there are much more things to improve but these are the largest problems.
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