South Korean Ground Forces Tech Tree

As someone that plays mainly Japan I’d like to just say (or repeat since it’s said a lot) that Japan has more, and much better, subtree options for Korea. Japan needing a subtree doesn’t matter if they can have one without Korea.


I’d say implement it like the Israeli tree, idk make having two other nations at rank 5 to unlock it and also start it at rank 4. Should be easy enough, same goes for the air tree.

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I would say add it to America as a sub tree makes the most sense like Finland in Sweden they get there own MBT line but combine spaa/TD. It would have a good position since IRL USA and South Korea do Drills together and USA is one of closet military allies beside currently Poland is buying K2 and other tech so Poland and south Korea could work also.

But in terms of game balance the only team which is fallen behind and losing players at modern tanks is Japan (hard to grind from bottom up) and I Know SK dislike Japan but we must look at IRL or game balance/ making sure nations don’t die off in game. such as adding more to current nations is best choice for now and add nations which have complete ground/aviation is the best choice that’s why I say SK should be with USA or Poland or Japan for game balance/making sure teams don’t lose players . since most games I play I see less China, Japan, France, Italy, Israel in top tier Ground realistic because those nations need more equipment to push players to play them and have fun with those nations. but IK a lot will complain because its not real but JAP, USA, SK does Military drills together IRL. so what’s the harm in helping a nation for the game and not because of IRL… PS Every one made mistakes in the past and some forgive and others Hold Huge Grudges like Dwarfs.

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There seem to be a lot of fans of “Military drills together IRL”. That’s why I want to remind you of the “Military drills together IRL” the US had with Russia.
South Africa also did “Military drills together IRL” jwith Russia and China.

To sum up, your basis is only that “Japan lacks vehicles.” Then, why does the solution have to be Korea? Because they are “Asian”?


if SK got into a war most NATO, USA and Japan would help them and most likely NK would join china that’s why I said USA first since America has bases there and protects them. Japan would be like I said was for more equipment for the tech tree but now Poland is getting almost more K2 panther then SK active military has so what will we do for Poland since they use 3 nation tech now.

Korea is a hard to place since no one can agree where and all we do is spilt ideas from IRL or gameplay and it’s just a game anyways


If Poland TT is implemented, of course Poland should have K2. Because Poland bought and used K2.

But not for Japan, and as I said “Military drills together IRL” is weak ground.


I agree. I think people forget that this is a game and Gaijin can do whatever they want, regardless of peoples feelings, politics, military drills, etc.

I highly doubt its as deep as some are making it out to be. There’s no need to add all these different variables as to why or why not SK should be added to “X” tech tree. The great snail would’ve made this decision long ago.

No matter what that decision is, people will be mad. They shouldn’t be. But they will.


Welcome to WT community, where someone will always be unhappy about something


as a subtree for japan it will be great


I’ve seen replies above in this very thread asking for Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam etc to go to Japan.

Please tell me something new.

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Wouldn’t say that is so controversial, all of it makes proper sense.

The South Koreans wouldn’t necessarily start with Sabres though, having received some prop aircraft as well. Especially combined with North Korea they would have a comprehensive air and ground tree as an Israeli styled nation.

Well when I said comprehensive I literally just meant that it would be able to function in the game for both air and ground battles, that the size would be big enough.
Quality wise it is quite terrible, that I can very well recognize.

The main reason why I would wish for an independent Korean tree is to not see the incredibly potent ground tree go to waste, which would be mostly unique and because I don’t think the Koreas don’t really make sense as sub-trees anywhere.

Japan and SoKo of course have very poor historical relations (though I recognize why it would be a good sub-tree for them).
USA absolutely doesn’t need a sub-tree at all, so we can write that off too.

Many people say that China should get NoKo as a sub-tree, but I very much disagree.
Hardware wise they share very little and NoKo has much more in common with USSR equipment, which is what the majority of their tanks are ultimately based on. As a matter of fact, Iran had a greater influence over NoKo weaponry than China did if you ask me.
It also doesn’t help that China really doesn’t need a sub-tree, considering that they have the greatest growth potential of any tree currently in the game.
If a sub-tree were to get picked for China though, Pakistan would make more sense than NoKo as well.

All this leads me to the conclusion that I’d like to see them independently instead of as sub-trees, though I do recognize that most of their stuff outside of ground would be copy/paste.


Is it just me or forum did a weird one?
(other than mod removing a flagged post)

Except the fact that South Korea has no military relation to Japan at all, while all these countries have some relations to the countries they are subtrees of. ROC split form current day China in the civil war, South Africa was a state of the United Kingdom, same as India. China was a key partner of Vietnam during the Vietnam War, and need I say anything about Soviet states being in the USSR tech tree. There has not been a single time in history where Korea was allied with Japan, the only time being close being its hostile occupation by Japan. Current day they are not related to each other at all except participating in war games hosted by the United States, which is not related to them being in a tree together. The only reason people say this is because they don’t understand politics and because they do not understand Asia at all and simply think “Asian country is considered blufor, so they should be on same team. Asian country is considered redfor, so they should be on same team.”

There’s far more argument for North Korea to be with China given their close relations over the years, however North and South Korea being their own tech tree together would be a situation comparable to China and ROC, since they were split off in the civil war that occurred after World War II when Japan fell.


This is how I see it should fit.

  • Foldered with the M48A3K is the M48A5K with 105mm cannon
  • Foldered with the K1 is the K1E1 (better electronics)
  • Foldered with the K1A1 is the K1A2
  • K263A3 is the Korean version of the M163
  • K-SAM Chunma is the Korean VT-1 platform
  • I would’ve put K9 Thunder in rank 4, but the Norwegian premium is rank 5

Edit: This is just a rough idea with future add on, but as I mentioned above, this would fit much better in general as it bolsters where Japan is lacking


I’m not sure if people would like this suggestion or not but if we are insistent of South Korea being a Subtree why not Israel, they like Japan needs a subtree to fill up their TT however unlike Japan, Israel did help develop some of South Korea’s weapons and vice versa, Israel and South Korea unlike Japan and South Korea don’t have bad blood towards each other and the K1’s & K2’s would compliment the Merk’s more than the Type 90 & 10. I am going to let actual Israeli’s, South Koreans and Israeli mains debate about this

Two other things to note: Firstly not all TT’s need to be huge, sometimes the appeal of some TT’s is that they are not huge, yes they may have some gaps but that is a sacrifice that I can take as long as it’s not too bad. Secondly if South Korea becomes a standalone TT it’s not like it can have a Subtree of it’s own (most likely in the form of Singapore since they do have some unique designs and unique upgrades of existing vehicles and enough to justify a Subtree but not enough for a full TT)

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Nice you have successfully ignored 80% of the Korean vehicles that they currently use.

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The issue with the Japanese tree at the upper tier is that the gaps are massive with very little line up to go with. The only saturated BR is at 9.0, everything else has gaps that are big enough to be an issue.

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This logic can be used to justify any country except the Arab ones going to Israel. Israeli technology is used in everything by everyone. Hell, Israel could get an American subtree under this logic. Israeli military technology is used en mass by everyone. If you really want to give Israel a subtree, how about Chile? Israel didn’t just sell stuff to Chile, they nearly singlehandedly kept their military afloat for 40 years. Chile operated M-50s and M-51s. The justification of Israeli tech being used justifies nearly anything to them! By your logic, the Leopard 2 A7 V could go to Israel because it uses the Israeli Trophy HV active protection system.

This is what the tree could look like, and even this is missing a Piranha IB with the Blowpipe and Mamba missiles and a Piranha IB with a Cockerill 90 mm.