South American Army

Could create a new nation by combining all South American vehicles, as many of these vehicles come from different places and eras. For example, in Brazil, from 1944 to 1970, there were many American vehicles, such as:

Light Tank M3 Stuart: The M3 Stuart tanks were used by the Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB) in the Italian Campaign.

Medium Tank M4 Sherman: Brazil also used M4 Sherman tanks, which were versatile combat vehicles widely employed by the Allies.

Reconnaissance Car M8 Greyhound: The M8 Greyhound was an armored reconnaissance vehicle used by Brazilian forces in Italy.

Half-track Troop Transport M3 Half-track: These vehicles were used to transport troops and equipment.

From 1970 to 2000, German vehicles:

Leopard 1 Tanks:

The Brazilian Army acquired Leopard 1 tanks from Germany in the 1970s. These tanks were used as main combat vehicles for many years and were modernized over time to maintain operational effectiveness.

Eurocopter EC725 Cougar Helicopters:

Although not a ground vehicle, it’s noteworthy that Brazil acquired EC725 Cougar helicopters, manufactured by Eurocopter, a European company with German influence. The EC725 is used in various functions, including troop transport and search and rescue.

Wheeled Armored Vehicles (VBTR) Mowag Piranha:

Brazil acquired wheeled armored vehicles Mowag Piranha, produced by the Swiss company Mowag, which is part of the German group General Dynamics European Land Systems. These vehicles are used for troop transport and have versions adapted for different purposes.

Thus, it is difficult to decide whether the vehicles should be attributed to the United States or Germany. This also applies to other Latin American countries, like Peru, which had from 1940 to 60.

T-26 and BT-5:

During the 1940s, Peru acquired some light tanks, such as the Soviet T-26 and BT-5. These tanks were used for patrol and defense purposes.

Sherman M4:

After World War II, Peru acquired Sherman M4 tanks from the United States.

M3 Stuart:

Peru acquired light tanks M3 Stuart during the 1940s.

M4 Sherman:

Medium tanks M4 Sherman were used by Peru, mainly acquired after World War II and throughout the following decades.

M24 Chaffee:

Peru also incorporated medium tanks M24 Chaffee, which were light and agile vehicles used in various roles, including reconnaissance.

M41 Walker Bulldog:

In the 1960s, Peru acquired medium tanks M41 Walker Bulldog, a more modern and agile version, to replace some of the older models.

M551 Sheridan:

The M551 Sheridan, an amphibious light tank, was also acquired by Peru.

From 1970 to 2000:

During the 1970s and 1980s, Peru acquired T-55 and T-72 tanks of Soviet origin. These acquisitions were part of the modernization efforts of the Peruvian Armed Forces during that period.

Due to this, it would be better to create a new South American nation. A single Latin American country by itself would not be truly justifiable, but several smaller-sized countries would be more suitable.

So you want a whole tech tree made up of 98% British, American and Russian tech tree?


I’m glad you asked.
Yes and no, many countries adapt or incorporate their own technologies into internationally acquired military vehicles. The example of the Gripen in Brazil is an excellent case, where the country not only acquired the aircraft but also made modifications and integrated local technologies to meet its specific needs.

It may seem like it’s the same thing, but there are crucial differences

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m4 stuart 90mm ( Brazil).

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Then why at that point not ask for said unique vehicles rather than the copy paste already present in game?

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He’s just trying to work with the warthunder model

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I think I get what you are saying: So you want a whole tech tree made up of 98% British, American, Russian and Swedish tech tree? Any other nations outside of ‘South America’ you beleive will comprise 98% of your new tech tree?

If this is what passes for ‘domestic’ or ‘unique’ designs, then we have truly lost sigth of what is important

Are you by any chance from south america? Could explain why you are content with adding almost interely copy-pase vehicles into the game, just so you can have another nation.

Thank you for asking.

It would be interesting to have vehicles from South America in a new nation, as there are already some Latin vehicles scattered among the nations, even if they are vehicles originating from these nations with modifications from the Latin countries they originated from. Additionally, it doesn’t have to be a new nation, but a Latin sub-tree. However, it would be challenging to decide in which nation they would belong.

Seems like with the addition of Israel, largely copy/paste and still only a “half tree” at that, we can safely say . . . things have already changed. While I can’t really say whether this proposal is viable or not, I will put it out there that almost every single WT player that does tanks would love to get their hands on a Stuart with a 90mm gun . . . .lol. I know I would!! But with the proliferation of modern vehicles as the only new content we have gotten for the most part for a good while now, we should be open to “variants” on the theme that got us this far . . . just a matter of time really, before different approaches will need to come anyway. I am going to stay open minded about it I guess.