South America

Question to the Gaijin staff: When will we see a Latin American tree in War Thunder?
If the Nordic countries have it, why don’t we?
South America is the only continent that is not yet represented in the game.


There’s 3 TAM tanks already in game under Germany, so there is some South American stuff.

There’s not enough for a full tree though, even if you added Cuba’s wacky homegrown mods to the tree, I don’t think any South American country operates anything close to a current top tier 11.7 vehicle.

I’d like to see some Cuban stuff and the Engesa EE-T1 though.

If you want South American added then first step is to put together enough war machines from South America that range from aviation, ground forces, and navy from 1941 and on. After that make a template of the tech trees and how they would look, then take it and put it into a suggestion and see if it gets approved for further assessment.

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there must be a million TT already in the old forum.

Can you only think on Cuba? is seriously? “even if you added Cuba’s wacky homegrown mods to the tree” WTF!!! what are you taking about? They still have T-34 85.

I’m tired of these ridiculous arguments. It is also curious coming from a Swede who received Soviet vehicles in his tree that Sweden never used. If this is the norm, Argentina has already evaluated almost all the fighters on the market.

Being totally honest with what some minor nations offer in the game, just give DM53 to the Leopard 2A4CHL and you have a top tier tank much better than the MBTs Italy has. The same applies to the TAM 2CA2, Osorio EE-T2, Tifon 2A, T72B1MS, Centauro II, etc. Do you think this game is a simulator? More than 70% of the vehicles are fictional and altered based on balance.

Old forum is irrelevant now were stuck with this one instead.

The problem is the plethora of combat vehicles from South America that originate from other countries. Maybe adding a subtree to another nation might be an option. It would probably be more feasible to add tanks to other trees on a case by case basis. Like the TAM tanks have been done already. M50 Sherman from Chili would fit well in the Israeli tree, There are some Soviet era tanks used by some SA nations that could go into Russia, the US, France and Italy also supplied combat vehicles. They did do a lot of in country upgrades to some of them which are unique.

Except for the US and USSR, every nation in the game has a large number of non-native vehicles, especially the minor nations.
From now on, all the nations that add will have more and more C&P so your argument is invalid.
The Latin American tree as a whole has thousands of unique things to offer, in addition to many modified things and fewer copies.

p/d: The Chilean sherman is already in the game, you just have to buy it and buy the skin.

Argentine ground

Crusader 75 y 105mm
M5 105
M5 Halftrack with x6 105mm 1968 Czekalski cannons
DL.43 Nahuel
Sherman Repotenciado
VCA Palmaria

Argentine air

I.Ae.22 DL
Ia.58A, B, C, D, etc
I.Ae. 37
Ia.63 Pampa I, II, III
Mirage IIIEA
M-5 Dagger
M-5 Finger

Brazil ground

X1A1 Cárcara
X1A2 Cárcara
M41C Caxias
MB-3 Tamoyo I
MB-3 Tamoyo II
MB-3 Tamoyo III
EE-T-1 Osorio
EE-T-2 Osorio
EE-T-4 Ogum
EE-3 Jararaca
EE-9 Cascavel
EE-11 Urutu 76mm
EE-17 Sucuri
EE-18 Sucuri II
VBTP-MR Guaraní

Brazil air

EMB-312 Tucano
EMB-314 Super Tucano

Just with Brazil and Argentina, you have a lot of unique vehicles. I made a quick list, collecting the first thing that came to mind, but there are many more unique things. A Latin American tree is viable, offers unique things, and can be a lot of fun. And most importantly, it represents millions of people.

Without a Latin American tree, tell me where would you put all these unique vehicles?


Seeing the list it would be better to have it’s own nation rather than be a sub faction in a pre existing nation, put those in a tech tree template and include highly detailed pictures of every vehicle with detailed descriptions. Make sure there’s no top secret classified information too.

Personally, I think 4th gen & modern 3rd gen fighter aircraft from brazil, columbia & chile very good



The M-51 is in game not the M-50. Different main gun between the two.

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