South African Tech Tree

Simple, Add the south African tech tree, I know it wouldn’t be the biggest and I get told “It’s already in Britain as a sub-tree”, but South Africa Has Leased their fair share of vehicles and produced some during WW2. Also, could bounce off how the Israeli tree works.

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There are already enough nations in game with “copy/paste” vehicles. Adding an entire new nation based on leasing vehicles from other nations is just making the situation worse.


Hello Mate, I believe there is room for many other nations, but as subtrees, I myself would like to see Brazilian vehicles, in game, but there is no reason to create a tree just from Brazil, just as I see no reason to have an Israeli tree (Ctrl C / Ctrl V). The game’s main nations can absorb other nations.
Sometimes I even doubt whether Sweden should be in the game or should it also be absorbed by another nation.

I get everyone wants to see their country as playable nation in WT, but 90% of those nations would be mostly copypaste - I mean at this point, why even bother having nations?

Just let everyone take whatever they want.

I see what you are trying to say, but South Africa has quite a few of their own vehicles, but its only a suggestion.

How many vehicles can be called their own? On the level of Sweden/Britain or more like Isreal? If they have enough vehicles to reasonably fill a tree without needing large amounts of foreign vehicles to fill gaps then that would be great. More diversity is better for games like Warthunder. Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not trying to bash the idea. I just don’t know the amount of vehicles that they would be able to bring to the table and at which era they could start.

They are easily comparable to Sweden in most vehicle classes rank 5 and above, the only place they would struggle is with MBTs as they kinda cap out at the Olifant Mk.2 and TTD, with the exception of a couple modified T-72s. Only thing they could really add in the MBT line would be the TTD 120mm as the gun was at least built for it.

Otherwise, there are many light vehicles that would fit in at all sorts of tiers, and appropriate air defense options to accomodate them. I don’t think a SA tree is all too unfeasible, although it will probably never happen.