Sound volume for only WT in Win 11 is LOW

Does anyone noticed low sound volume for WarThunder in Windows 11?
Just upgraded my PC and windows to windows 11 and it seems that WT volume is significantly low than before.
I have to push volume in game to the max, volume in windows sound mixer for WT to the max and all other apps to less than 50% and push general volume to over 80% to have a good enough volume.

And now even this update introducing this “Ultra Low Frequency” stupidity again, i can barely distinguish the useful sounds and direction. We went through this exactly before didn’t we? But now is Ultra Low which means our headsets EQ should be able to adjust in the 30Hz!!! If not, we’re just deafened by low frequency sound.

Also I noticed a lot of ECHO added.
All of these changes have a really bad effect especially in a 7.1 surround configuration. Back sounds are louder, lower frequency and have more echo than the front sounds.

Nope. Kind of the opposite for me. I find I have to turn the WT sound down relative to other apps like browser audio.
Do you have “speed of sound” enabled? That introduces a lot of extra sound complication.

This is off. Never liked it.