Sound Since La Royale

Anyone else noticed the sound being really janky since the update? I am constantly having tanks sneak up on me making absolutely no sound until they are right on top of me. It’s really screwed up my games as I really did rely on sound cues.

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Long before La Royale as well, tanks making no sounds, tanks making WAY too much sound thinking they are next to me but they’re 300m away, or 2 blocks away but buildings not blocking sound at all.

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I also rely on sound cues heavily. Except for me the sound has always been weird. Like a T-34-85 three blocks away will be deafening but a tiger sitting behind you is silent. ( Yes I used that from something that happened to me before xD )

Sounds today have been either broken up, or my own engine noise is somehow delayed so I spend a minute chasing myself around a building thinking it’s enemy.

Also had a T34-85 somehow drive right up to be without any sound.

They should honestly undo the sound updates. They sound nice when you’re not hearing someone across the map but all the city maps and a lot of light and medium tanks are useless. You cant sneak up anymore.

A commander with radio headset, helmet, inside a running tank shouldn’t be able to hear someone driving a Sherman through houses 200m away. Its not realistic

who said it was the commander? If we are going based off that then you shouldn’t be able to hear anything once your commander dies xD

Commander is the one who is supposed to be looking for targets… You know, using whatever he can to identify targets…

My point…You want them to nerf the hearing ability because “A commander with radio headset, helmet, inside a running tank shouldn’t be able to hear someone driving a Sherman through houses 200m away. Its not realistic”. First off you say he is in the tank. Why can you go into third person? Why can you hear other tanks? Why can you swap to driver view? How come when your commander is killed you can still do all of the above? If you are going to say it isn’t realistic from the commanders point of view then at least take time to realize that there isn’t much realistic about it. The game would be awful if it was completely realistic. Also there are engine volumes in the sound settings you can adjust. I had to turn mine down. Might try it out.

And our point is its ridiculous on how far you can hear both in game and in real life. You also cant repair your gun barrel after its broken but its a game mechanic. Theres a lot that the game has thats not realistic like respawning, but its a game. Sometimes realism has to be nerfed to make it fun. Wouldn’t you be upset if they increased the volume for everything 10 times even if it was realistic? How about hearing the crying and screaming of the gunner who got injured and lost his arm? Should we see the commander in a m18 fall back limp and rag doll around because he took a 50 cal the the head and his brains are leaking everywhere? Like come on dude

Did you read the full reply? Look in your settings and turn enemy engines down if you want it “more realistic”. This game is very far from realistic

Same here, can only heard tanks towards my sightline. All that come from behind is now silence. Planes, Jets, Tigers. all no sound. Unplayable.