Sound issues and bugs

After La Royale and subsequent minor patches, sound seems to be once again broken, at least to me.

I noticed issues like:
I can hear enemy engines and tracks when im looking in that direction, sometimes even trough multiple buildings (like civilian blocks on Seversk-13 or multiple streets in Campania. However when i turn around i seem to not hear them.

Multiple times gun sounds did not load properly + shell going by sound does not load. This lead to multiple situations when i simply do not know im under fire because i cant hear it. I had Tiger 2 shooting at me from 300m and did not hear it. Did not hear a hit either.

Some vechicles engine sounds are abominably loud while others are incredibly quiet.

Some engine sounds fail to load on multiple occasions. Ie. i had multiple situations in which PT-76’s and variants did not make any sound while moving.

Plane sounds while on the ground are suffering from almost all of the above despite the last point. Sometimes i can hear incoming plane as if it right above me only for it to be few kilometers away. Another time i cant hear it despite its on full throttle.

And multiple others. Its annoying and makes game frustrating more then it should be, as i often feel like i lost not because i made a mistake, but because game screwed me over, because ie. i was distracted by an engine sound that was actually half a kilometer away, while another enemy flanked me without any sound…

What settings are you using? Automatic, Stereo, 5.1 or 7.1?

Try turning off the Speed of Sound setting. At least for me it helps

If you are using sound mods, delete them and test again or download the most recent versions.