Sound design is broken

In GRB only :

I can’t load all the engine noises, for example, a tank like an abrams, T80, a pz IV, or a low-flying plane, the game doesn’t load the engine noise.

Playing with headphones and using sounds for playing it is not trustworthy now… this pb is here for months now and it is extremely annoying. And this thing happens so many times… in addition the teammate’s engine destroys my ears


Got my logitech headset and to be honest I got killed yesterday becouse I hear tank on left but two were coming from 12’oclock.

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Yes there is a weird spatial sound design, direction of the sound is not always right + not all engines are loaded so sometimes you just hear nothing + some engines are very low even when they are supposed to be the most noisy

plane sounds were also affected, often a nearby or attacking plane is nearly silent

Yup, planes in grb but i didn’t experienced this issue in ARB

A few times in Air Arcade I could not hear guns sounds. I think it was right after a reload and a few times I was using slight zoom while trying to shoot. It was very annoying, as I thought I didn’t reload yet in the middle of a dog fight.


I have soooo many sounds issues, can’t ear more than 2 engine sounds or what.
I’m sick dying because of this