Sound changes

Why would you revert the impact sounds and everything? They sounded amazing not to mention the amount of information you could gather from taking shots, idk what people asked for the sounds to be reverted but put them back in the game thank you.

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There was quite a lot of player feedback regarding the changes, so we decided to take the time to review the feedback and make some improvements as a result of that.

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I think that it would be best if the sounds were introduced in the Work in Progress client first for around a week in order to collect feedback

Gaijin has some weird design choices.
F.e. in Air RB battles at dusk/dawn looked spectacular due to low sun, shadows, light effects on the clouds and smoke. But people did not like night battles. So instead of removing night battles, Gaijin removed all battles that do not happen mid day, and I really doubt anyone really asked for this. Don’t do the same with the sound.

as long as they’re given back with improvements based on what we just got that would be great because I was able to tell so much information about what rounds are being fired at me and from where