Sons of Attila - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

It’s basically going to perform like an AIM-7F/M that can guide itself under 20km

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I think 20 Km without the help of jet’s radar is still a huge deal in WT. Most fights happen in that range in wt.

Well yeah but don’t forget that people still just hit the deck and the missile just misses.

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TC-2 basic (ROCAF) & PL-11A (PLAAF) range nearby AIM-120A/AIM-120B & R-77 ?

Honestly no clue. If the PL-11A is just a PL-11 with an ARH seeker then it’s going to be worse than the AIM-120A in terms of range

This should help

I look forward him (@不是很能抗压) feedback later

The MiG-29G is no better than the MiG-29A 9.12A already in game in terms of combat capabilities, and the Leopard 2 PSO is barely better than the Leopard 2A6, not warranting a BR increase, in case you were talking about that.

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depends how you few it, yes the PSO has slightly more armor, but uses the shorter gun barrel of the 2A5 and those propably less penetration, while it should have a better thermal, honestly mostly depends how you see it and what you prefer

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Mig-29G is pretty much a Mig-29A with an english cockpit and comms system afaik

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Has Gaijin posted any more about the decompression between tanks with convectional AP and APDS/HEATFS/APFSDS? They said it would be coming in the summer update.

And some extra fuel carrying on some pylons

they will once the update comes

The Mig-29G is better if it gets R-73As.
And no, we’re at max tanks and have been for a while with few exceptions [T-14, maybe SEP3, definitely SEP4].

We are very much not at the most advanced tanks. There are the ones you mentioned, plus a tonne more. Germany has all the Leopard 2A7s, the 2A8, the EMBT, the MGCS, and the Panther KF51. America has the M1A2 SEP V2, 3, and 4, the AbramsX, and the M1 CATTB. Britain has the MBT 80, the Challenger 2 120, the Challenger 2 130, and the Challenger 3. Russia has the T-14, the Object 195, and the T-90M (you could also include the T-72B3 mod. 2022, however I don’t know how it differs from the mod. 2016). The other nations don’t have a whole lot outside France, especially Japan which doesn’t have anything better than the Type 10, however all but Japan have at least one that is superior to everything they currently have.
In regard to R-73s, there is no reason to believe that the MiG-29A 9.12A won’t get them when they are added.


There’s a little more to it than that, however yes, basically, which is why I said that it wouldn’t be better.

2A7s, SEP2, Panther KF51, Challenger 3, T-90M are all 11.7 capable.
T-90M especially since that’s M1A2 SEP1 equivalent.

  1. They are not in the game; you can’t know that, and 2. the Panther KF51 and Challenger 3 are a decent amount better than the other three you mentioned.
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Dont forget the various tech demonstrators/prototypes like the Leopard 2 Technologieträger, Leopard 2 Evolution, the T-90M alternative Obj 187, Obj 292, Obj 195, M1 CATTB, M1 Thumper, Leclerc Terminator

I mentioned the Object 195 and M1 CATTB, and the others I either wasn’t aware of, or I forgot about. I didn’t mean it to be a comprehensive list anyway, so it’s natural that I missed a few.