Somoene is using Gaijin's market flaw or smth?

Hello guys how there is PLZ already in the market when it can be traded in 6 days? I’s this gaijin making money or somoene is using some flaws?

Link into the market.

Aren’t some event vehicles available to sell sooner than others? Battle pass vehicles usually take the longest for example.

i mean it says it’s only available on 13 of may.

no that says it will be available after 13/05/24 so you can buy it after that date.

and not before.

Look at the market there is 2 for sale or you need glasses or smth?

Man is right, there’s 2 of them for sale on the Gaijin market. Price at time of posting is 77 Gaijin Coin


Then where is the equality? I remember Justin once said like year ago that they don’t have privilege like this if im not wrong if i remember right.

Did you apply a coupon to sell your PLZ83-130?

of course i did

They get test drives, not coupons

That is… interesting.

It can’t be YouTubers/Content Creators,since they get test drives and not coupons (besides,even if they got e coupon, they can’t sell it)

It’s either a Gaijin employee (which is strange??? it’s basically drugging the market) or someone apparently discovered a flaw in the system to sell vehicles before they are released to the marketplace

Passing it on to be checked out in case there is something weird going on

Thanks guys!


Hello guys.

Just to follow up, this was indeed a bug. It should not have been possible to obtain for trade on the market yet. The Devs are working to correct the issue.