Sometimes when i swich to cockpit view, the game just freezes

Sometimes when i swich into cockpit view with the camera switcher (V), the game image just freezes. Sound still works, and the game responds to my inputs (i still hear a shooting noise when i shoot). But the image is entirely frozen. Does anyone know how i can maybe fix the issue? Any help is aprecciated, thanks in advance

Technical Details:
High Grapics quality preset
Reselution: 3024 × 1964
MacBook Pro (14", 2021)
Processor: Apple M1 Pro

im playing the game natively via Steam

I dont own a macbook, however I’ve noticed that WT more than likely shouldnt be run on one(had a friends mac literally explode while playing WT, It was ancient tho). Have you tried verifying game files via steam? I’ve had graphical bugs happen beforehand and this solved my issue.

I have this happen sometimes to but I am on linux and it normally unfreezes after a few seconds. That being said it is rather rare for me