Somethings to help you on your journey

Daily login for booster. Can be done using War thunder app
Daily Assault. Air arcade for a baily booster. Defeat waves of bombers
Daily Assault. Ground Arcade for daily booster. Defeat waves of tanks
Battle pass. Daily battle tasks

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Use SL-boosters with an order. SL galore if you win the order.

I usually don’t drink while playing, but arcade with a big mug of Irish Cream is very special!


Had a 13-kills game with Dicker Max on Stalingrad a few months back, while being generously inebriated on some excellent limoncello. I would 10/10 recommend that experience 😁😁😁

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Bailey(s) reward sounds better to me than a daily reward… they may be on to something… :)

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To numb the pain 😆

Sadly that one is generally very difficult.

Daily Battle Tasks pre-date BP, they just merged the War Bond system.

Just for a bit of info.

Level 7, 17, 43 and 64 you get 100000 sl plus other goodies at other levels

BP is just fluff, one of the worst things they added. But that is another topic.