Something about Hhowitzer

Update 2.31"Kings of Battle" add some howitzers for most countries.
Among them about M109,there are two kinds of M109 in the game.
One has a longer cannon(M109A1) and the other has s shorter cannon(M109G M109).
Their muzzle velocities(M107 HE) are the same(684 m/s) but their BR are different(M109A1’s BR is 6.3 high than M109G’s BR 6.0).
I can’t tell the difference between them in the game.
But Iseral’s M109’s muzzle velocities(M107) only 562 m/s
And why VIDAR and Au F1 have longer cannons but they has loer muzzle veocity(580 m/s) than M109G

Good chance it is a bug. Or maybe the israeli one has a smaller charge.

They most likely have a smaller charge. The length of the barrel is only part of what determines a shell’s speed.

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The M109G’s had a higher charge shell introduced to attain the same range as the A1 variants with the longer barrel. (Basically Germany and Italy wanted the improved version but for cheaper) The first of the two Isreali ones is the short barrel with the early shells.

I agree that the italian M109G should be moved to 6.3 though as it’s capabilities matches the A1 variants, but the German one only has the MG-3 on the roof so it can stay where it is

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haha,these are all minor issues
they made the worst howitzer based on certain biases

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