Someone explain me this

Why do you need to prove this with documents? Whats the logic behind that? The type 93’s traction is completely unrealistic, the tires feel like they are made out of plastic

because they want to make it as realistic as possible and need primary sources to do It, think of it as filling in a government form with the source listed as “I made it the F up”, you wouldn’t want to do that and neither do they.

Because you put no proof showing what you said was true??? Just put estimations of what you thought would be accurate. Even if you did race IRL, you need proof


They’ll likely need some sort of specific coefficient of friction measurement for either the Type 93’s specific tire or a similar compound (although I doubt they’ll change it because mobility in this game has always been something artificially nerfed because their maps aren’t designed well enough).

This isnt my report, but clearly a 4 ton megacruiser doesnt slide like shit and has the traction of a hotwheels

I’m not saying it doesn’t or shouldn’t. But they clearly didn’t put any evidence for accurate representation either… But I’m not getting into an argument over this person just not putting any accurate information

What should he put as proof then?

First and second hand documents?!?

this is a toyota pickup not a mig29, doubt you will find any driving characteristics of this truck in a document

I mean, yes your right, idk how much info you can find on it, but you still need to provide proof about what your saying when you make a bug report/historical report. Can’t just make up what you feel should be right.

Also, why is this so important?? It’s a truck that can only shoot at aircraft, and doesn’t seem to work half the time according to most people. It has no armor whatsoever, and the only thing it has going for it is it’s speed/mobility, and now people are trying to take that away from it…