Some thoughts on the change of helicopter lines in China

For this BR combat weight adjustment, we know that theBR of z19e has become 11.3.The Soviet counterpart to the gold coin gunship Ka-50 was 11.0.The two sides are equipped with 8 rounds of 6km range TY-90, plus 8 rounds of 6km range AKD-9 and 12 rounds of 8km range 9M127 and 40 rounds of S-8KO rockets.
Let’s leave aside for a moment whether the numerical aspects of the two mounts are balanced.Since the weight increase of the Z-19E is because the TY-90 performance is too powerful, then as the price of its weight increase, whether the Z-19E should be given a choice.
My suggestion for this is to replace the Z-19E’s ground bomb with an AKD-10 or cancel the Z-19E’s AKD-9 mount and replace it with the same ty-90 mount as the Z-10, so that the Z-19E can concentrate on air combat.
Ignoring the above two, we all know that gaijin is very concerned about the balance of the game, and uses this as a reason to temporarily save the PL12 air-to-air missile of the J-8F.So given the balance of the game, should Gaijin think about why the Z-19E is used as a gunship, but players only use it to conduct air defense operations at enemy airfields rather than attack enemy ground vehicles?

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