Some maps for ships are unbearable

Some maps for ships make you spawn in a way that you’re in line of sight of the enemy right away… one map at particular is Mediterranean port. There is no other spawn options for a destroyer beside spawning straight into a barrage of enemy fire… I got blown up 3 times in a row basically all by battleships that one-shotted me right at the start. They exploit the fact that after one min of traveling they can just sit there at a perfect spot just doing nothing but firing there huge munitions at little boats and destroyers. very annoying

That Africa(?) map is the only one I can think of where the spawns themselves are inherently bad, but many maps do have the “waist high cover” issue, with islands that sort of mess with line of sight (and block torps) but in no way prevent locking targets over them.

It’s the target lock system that needs major work.


But they are also in your line of sight…