Some improvement suggestions to WT

  1. Different vehicles should have some personalized UI, such as sights and radar image styles.
    2.Rain should have a greater sense of presence, such as the accumulation of water and mud under heavy rain, which can affect the movement of tanks. The weight, power, and track area of tanks can affect whether they are trapped in mud or not.
    3.Increase the number of buildings that can be destroyed and make it possible to destroy within the explosion range of the bomb.This is the disadvantage of WT compared to some games, which lacks destructible buildings and terrain.
    4.The bullet marks on tank armor should not only be textures, but should accumulate to reduce the thickness of armor at the hit point and prevent this from being temporarily repaired by the crew.I believe this is a major step in the evolution of WT’s hard core pseudo characteristics.
    5.Increase call missile attacks in the highest level of combat.Missile attacks should be more deadly than artillery, but ballistic missiles should have warning and can be intercepted by advanced air defense systems.
    6.Add some living animals to make the scenery more beautiful!

Some of these are solid, the only one I don’t like is the rain thing the game already has problems with traction so adding more problem would just make it annoying.

That possible for sights reticles:


For radars interface, maybe … a day … we will can modify that … I understand the idea but the game must stay accessible to the much players.

Interessant idea ;) I agree.

This armour fatigue system are in the game for ships. Large-calibre shells can progressively damage armour plates until they are destroyed by too many impacts. After its destruction, a plate of armour will allow shells to pass through almost without resistance, as well as the shrapnel from a nearby explosion.

But GJ said it is to hard for ground vehicles for the moment. Maybe they will have plans for it in the future.

You can see in Ukrainian war, on the battlefield, majority of direct strike on the front are with classic artillery.
Missiles are used for counter artillery positions and strike on strategic points behind the front.

PEGI 12.
War Thunder have a a limit +12 years old. I dont know if you remark that fact, but in the game, vehicle’s crews are never “killed” but only “unconscious”.
Yeaaaaaaaaah your gunner take a 120mm APFSDS round in the head, but don’t worry, he’s fine, he just lost conscious.
if you add that sorts of features go up WT’s PEGI to 16 or 18 … and GJ don’t want that.

I wish they would add the ability to change crew sounds for the english menu to get american crew sounds instead of british (for nations that arent usa) would be great. Do not really like the british crew sounds as of now.