Some feedback on AI frame generation in WT

hey, tried frame generation on a 7800 XT

It works !!!

Doubles my FPS, I can crank everything to super max including SSAA and TAA and get like 200 FPS easy.

That has to do with my CPU too - in some cases Im cpu single core limited to about 120 fps.

So although my CPU isnt really up to 200 fps, it doesent matter because when I AI generate the frames, every second frame is not engine physics limiting me.

That is the biggest benefit of the AI generated frames in War Thunder in my opinion. That the CPU performance isnt the lag anymore, because you can get away with half the frames. At 60 FPS on the CPU, you see 120 on monitor. In my case 200 +.

Visuals are staggering, to see the normally laggy mess go relativly fluently. Looks good.
I can feel some strange degradation of the 200 fps feeling sometimes, but I recon that could be fixed if support becomes official…

I think Im running War Thunder in Vulcan renderer right now, I feel like it is working better then DX. But I dont know how to confirm the renderer in game, so maybe Im just dumb:)

When you already have 100fps, you have 100 real frames a second which helps feed information into ai. Try this at 20fps and it might be a bit more ass. Glad you can enjoy it though. Useful setting.

That is because of ai. It can’t properly generate stuff out of nothing, it will just try and use previous frames as reference.

Frame gen in this game can improve performance to anyone running around 60 fps and more.
In Cities Skylines, it works well at about 25 fps - giving about 50… Actually plays great :)

I think that in War Thunder, the problem is that the frame gen needs the input of the mouse and keyboard to generate the next frame, and it is not getting it as it would like to get it :)

Due to the nature of the game the frame generation indeed works better there.