Some comments on the Chinese tech tree changes

WZ1001 is not suitable to be placed in the left line of China’s tech tree (or the light tank line as you call it). First of all, except for CM11, the main components of that line are light tanks, while WZ1001 is an MBT. Secondly, WZ1001 (LCT) is made by you using the data of WZ123AY combined with 125L54 experimental gun, and it is one of the predecessors of ZTZ99A. He is one of the predecessors of ZTZ99A, and should be put together with 99A. Thirdly, since you called the left line as light tank line in the announcement of MBT2000, you should arrange light tanks as the end carriers for the left line, such as ZTQ15, VT5, etc., instead of putting the main battle tanks there, and I hope that you would revisit this decision!


Chinese ground tech tree needs a overhaul in the form of 5 lines.

  1. Light tanks
  2. WW2+PLA MBTs
  3. SPAAs
  4. TDs
  5. Exports (MBT2000, VT-4) and Taiwan.

It’s honestly just worse now, I was waiting for these changes because the the TT is such a grind with one massive line to get to top tier and literally nothing interesting, 2x ZTZ88, 2x 98, 3x 99.

Especially 9.0 is just insanely stacked for China, having SEVENTEEN vehicles in the 8.0 to 9.0 range, two helicopters and another half a dozen or more jets, so well over 20 vehicles, even when shelling out all the money for 10 slots you can’t even fit half of them in a lineup and you never get to use more than 2-3 vehicles per game anyways in ODL paradise these days.

Currently I was about 2.500.000 RP away from getting to top tier, which is crazy enough as it is, but these changes just split the two top tier vehicles, the ZTZ99A and the WZ1001 into different trees, requiring you to research the entire left side as well, and in return only a few vehicles get put into a folder, giving you a net increase in RP requirements to get a top lineup, and instead you’ll have to grind another million RP trying to get a second vehicle at top tier.

I’m sure at the lower BRs you’ll save some RP, but I don’t care nearly as much about a vehicle costing 10k RP being in a folder as I do about the top range where a single vehicle costs as much RP and SL as rank 1, 2 and 3 combined… just the ZTZ96A being moved to rank VII is likely going to add 70k RP already, which is going to negate putting half a dozen low BR vehicles in a folder.


I also believe that the M113 TOW and CM25 should be folded togheter and thus, the ZLT11 moved back to rank VI cuz it doesn’t make sense to grind 450k rp (roughly) to spade that mediocre light tank.

Crazy they bundled the CM25 with the PTZ and not the M113, as they’re both absolute ass.

Exactly, the tank destroyer line of the chinese TT after Rk V becomes basically shit aside for the PTL02 and these decisions don’t make sense and marginally improove the situation

I think the PTZ is great at least, but by putting the better vehicle in the folder you still need to grind it, unlike a CM25 everyone would ignore and actually save some RP.

I don’t know if this is a proper place but if anyone of you wants to help me with the bug report for ZTZ99A that would be really awsome. ^^ // Issues