Solving GFAB CAS issues WITHOUT removing planes

Why though? Even if they are missing aircraft at specific BRs, there’s still option to have something given to you, and also if they would be missing out there, then it means there would be motivation to give them something there. Aren’t they missing out now in the RB for the same reason?

The thing is, in RB new players that are not skilled with aiming at aircraft aren’t a threat against aircraft. In AB everyone has lead indicator on the aircraft. And it already works in naval AB that people don’t want to loose the plane too easily, they try to survive longer. And also BR offset can be there, and also you won’t be taking out have bomber because it will mean getting killed easily and not having the plane till the end of the match. Right now people won’t see it, but it once it’s there, it’ll work and we’ll have less problems with it.

I don’t do RB, so I don’t really care how things are done there. Wings rip off in RB, for reload one has to land… horrible mechanics…
So you would be ok with some nations having to rely mostly on random planes with stock crew and 60s reload, while others can bring fully leveled planes in ace crew that will drop several tons of bombs every 30 seconds, with several good options at just about any BR?

Again, I don’t really care about RB… As far as naval AB is concerned, it works great for me, destroy 9 ground or naval targets with either bomber or attacker are among my favorite tasks, can sometimes be done in a single game…

Having your own permanent planes would be a bit like AB squadron battles, which had caps on the ground for tanks but were usually won in the air.

I don’t play RB too much, but that was just to point out that this kind of problem already exists in RB.

Yes, because if it would solve the main problem with the planes, while bringing ground AB players to grind out plane trees, it would be a motivation for gaijin to add more planes to those nations that are missing out.

About the bomb reload in the air though - I would prefer it not be there anymore in the game and you would have to get back to plane spawning point at specific altitude at least to get bombs and rockets, because it would prevent indefinite climbing. But that’s the balance and maybe just option to have players hunting down bombers without time limit would prevent such situations before it would happen.

The point about RB is that the problem is similar - SPAAs in both GF AB and RB are not a deterrent against planes. But in naval somehow you start caring about your plane. I don’t know about 9 naval targets killing - balance in naval is tricky because it’s easy to kill multiple small boats, but not that easy to kill big vessels. It’s a similar problem of planes having same BRs for both ground and air battles in RB now that they are solving by splitting BRs between the modes. In ground modes it won’t be such big discrepancy between different tanks as it is in naval, so it should be easier to balance it out.

Not exactly though - having to get some significant amount of points to spawn the aircraft makes it so that some of the better players on the ground would have to leave their best tanks or get killed nad lose them before jumping into the plane and on top of that getting a second plane would not be as easy as in squadron battles. On top of that - again - naval and squadron battles have/had instant bomb fuse and reload in the air, which significantly affect your effectiveness. Imagine how many time would you be able to drop bombs with heavy or even medium bomber if you had to return over the airfield at specific altitude to reload, and how effective you would be with forced fuse.

You need to separate thinking about the plane spawn systems from specific modes, from the balancing gameplay mechanics that are added on top of them. BR offset of planes against ground vehicles in your lineup, forced bomb fuse delay, bombing aim reticle in 3rd person view, no reload in the air, turret-top machineguns working like AA guns on ships with a toggle - all that should be to our disposal to balance things out, but first step is making dying in aircraft penalised properly.

Basically what you want is to nerf planes to RB level, just short of making them disappear altogether, while I just want to use them to the best of their capacity, and ideally use them to help with the tank grind. For plane RP I can play air or, to some extent, naval. I actually like the current system, what with everyone starting on the same level.

It’s already bad enough that they made the ground marker disappear for fighters, though I guess that helps open top vehicles. It was fun strafing them…

I didn’t say that I want to nerf things to RB level and that all those should be implemented, just that there are a lot of mechanics that can be used to balance planes against ground. Planes are still a lot easier to fly in AB, so even if all those nerfing mechanics where to be implemented, it’d still be better than in RB.

Yes, but again - if plane will be yours, the removal of marker for fighters will not make sense anymore as this is just artificial attempt to force players into covering the bomber. Separate this being now in the game from potential spawn system implementation, markers may or may not be implemented.

Air mission is flawed and is unfair to everyone involved. Because it can’t really be fair, it’s based on RNG, and since it has effect on the battle, because it has to, otherwise it’d be useless and unused, such RNG affects the outcome of the battle, for one team a good uninterrupted bombing run will decide the tide of battle, for another team in another match they’ll have consecutive bombing runs that are ineffective because of being intercepted all the time.

With your own plane and unlimited time it is at least clear that it’s your skill deciding how you try to go around enemies approaching you in the air, until we get to spawn camping problem, where taking away mid-air reload of ordnance would counter this issue and issue of climbing up on top of the combat zone.

Even if we discard the approach of being able to use our own plane, and having given a random one, an unlimited time that costs a lot is better than lots of short air missions with forced RNG deciding whether you’re effective or not.

I quite like the idea of using the Naval AB mechanic, it works well in Naval and CAS is not a problem in either coastal or bluewater because of it… that and the effectiveness of AA is better in Naval, in ground its a joke until you start getting up to SAMs.

SPAA needs massive improvement in the game between Ranks 1 to 5, since most are guns. It is bizarre to me that I can slap a bomber in the face with dual 40mm SPAA and they tank it like a Maus in a full down tier, yet when I play a bomber in Air AB, I get my planes wings and tail blown off by a ruddy 12.7mm.

In RB it’s a joke because most of the people can’t aim without lead indicator, so they don’t even try. In ground AB it’s because you can strafe without caring about anything. Also note that naval spawn system has a BR offset for the planes because vessels have a lot more guns. It could be the opposite offset for ground making it so that you’re allowed to take lower BR plane than your tank lineup BR.

Also I think that on top of that, having a toggle for turret top guns to fire at approaching aircraft automatically similarly to how it works with naval vessels would do miracles because then it’d be harder for the planes to approach, and in most cases you’re visible on the map and marked anyway, so you’d toggle it off when you want to sneak around.

The thing with not being able to destroy something - that’s another problem here that the game is rigged against you doing the tasks in timely manner, and it’s just that against planes you don’t have a repeatable scenario to be 100% you’re cheated by the game, so it’s even more rampant. It won’t change until we play with our own planes.