EDIT: Solved.

Is this supossed to be a bug of some kind, or has Gaijin just made blowout panels useless for no reason?

For some time now, blowout panels have sparked fires that never shut down; when you use FPE, it just says “this fire can not be estinguished” but it STILL consumes the FPE. So… what’s going on here?

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FPE can’t extinguish an ammo fire in game (probably IRL too). An ammo fire in a vehicle without blowout panels is just insta killed, those with just have to watch it cook off and suffer.

But I remember that, before, ammo fires extinguished on their own after, like, 30 seconds or so.

Suddenly, since a couple of weeks ago, it’s not the case anymore!

So I wonder if it’s intentional or not because, if it’s intentional, the feature has now become pretty much pointless, if you are dead anyway.

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Wouldnt you restocking ammo make you put ammo into the burning bustle? Maybe it has something to do with that. Feeding the fire right there.

Judging by screenshot the round you restocked instantly was removed, most likely due to catching it on fire.

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I’ve been noticing lately, this is the answer indeed!

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