Solutions for the Puma ATGM Problem

With the upcoming update, the new KF41Lynx ist going to get the Spike Atgm System.

The German army at this time using two types of Spz Puma: First series without Spike, 3rd Gen Thermals and Lws (but proximityammunition against weak Targets and air defence called KETF(Kinetic Energy Time Fuze), and ther Version Puma-S1 with Lws and Spike ATGm’s. I think it would be a great addition to the Puma ingame, with a higher Battleranking of course. second way could be a second Puma without Lws and Spike and 3rd Gen Thermals in a lower battleranking as the Puma now and add the Spike to the current version and level it up.

:In December 2008, PSM and the German Ministry of Defence signed a contract to integrate the Spike missile system on the Puma armoured infantry fighting vehicle being developed for the German Army.

:Die neue Puma-Version S1 zeichnet sich unter anderem durch die Integration abstandsfähiger Effektoren wie des Mehrrollenfähigen Leichten Lenkflugkörpersystems (MELLS), durch zusätzliche Sensoren wie das neue Fahrersichtsystem und eine verbesserte Führungsarchitektur aus.