Solo capturing first objective in domination: AITA?

So I was playing a match today on North Holland. I started the match and spawned in my Sd.Kfz.234/2 (Puma). I drove to capture point A and had nearly finished capturing it when one of my amazing teammates rammed me and shoved me out of the cap circle. I thought perhaps this could be just another case of atrocious driving by someone who wasn’t paying attention. but when I went back and checked the replay, I saw that the teammate in question pretty much made a beeline for me and only stopped once he had pushed me out. I sent a chat message asking him why he did what he did, and got this exchange:

Is what he’s talking about even close to reflecting the reality of how people ought to play, or a rule of etiquette? Am I the a**hole in this situation?

Here is the replay in case you’ve the time and inclination to see it for yourself. It happens in the first minute or two and I get blown up by an enemy arty strike immediately afterwards as the cherry on top, but I also went on to have a decent game despite the start.

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NTA marry the daughter


What a jerk.

If he wants to get to the cap he needs to get a faster tank or take a better route.

The goal is to cap, not for everyone to be on the cap. That’s how teams lose…

NTA lol…

When did this become Reddit?

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just because you got the fastest vehicle doesn’t mean you need to solo cap the first point…
could easy make it to the middle one

But nah you decided to be a a-hole
Because of people like you i put arty on the first cap :)


Congrats on outing yourself as a toxic player.


ah yes because i dislike the toxic people that solo cap because they abuse fast vehicles ?

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Dropping arty on teammates because you are driving a slower tank is toxic.


And most likely get killed on the way there for zero pts.
Its inconsiderate to not wait for others who are trying to get to the first cap, but there is zero obligation to. More often you both get caught in the artillery.

Shoving someone out of the zone to deprive them of the cap isn’t just asshole behavior, its poor teamwork and should be reported.

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I mean Gaijin made it so that if you solo cap you get the best rewards, and you get less rewards for being a team player, another wonderful hostile bit of game design by the Snail.

I do tend to wait for my teammates because it gives them spawn points which ultimately is better for the team, however I sacrifice my rewards for it.


I see why the win rates are so shitty per the two people wanting everyone to wait.

Wining requires capping the points… Having one person solo cap is more rewarding than losing the match overall. Be happy your team is succeeding, not that you are all getting a cap reward.


clearly better if a single One can respawn instead of half or even the entire team right ? :)))

Sounds like you need a game master to help show you a break from the game.


Clearly better if the team gets the required tickets to win. Slower tanks are better at helping hold the point while the faster tanks are better at reaching and capping early.

Sounds like you want a participation trophy.


Will people on these forums yell abuse at absolutely everything? How dare someone drive forward faster than you. Much bad, very abuse.


Aha tell me more please lmao

ah yes “capping early” back to being a toxic solo cap player nice
ye why abuse better positions if you can be the one to solo cap … ;)

checks thunderskill
under 50% w/r on average
proves my point, thank you
Seems solo capping pays off/s

Nah i Like to win games
and dislike ppl that solo cap
but i guess you don’t understand it ;)

Guess who missed the point ?
It’s you :)

Instructions unclear, further elaboration required.

Nah, dudes a total bitch for that, I’d just say womp womp, fuck you, and move on. If you truly think your deserving of capping a point with your whole team because your slow that’s fucking stupid. I never ask for people to wait, as they never wait for me, so they won’t give a shit, and I won’t, so, nah, that’s just him being an entitled bitch.

That’s the equivalence of the government saying, sorry, your overqualified in the IQ department, so we’ll be replacing you with a mental patient.

Womp mfn womp if this really offends you, and you flagged this for no reason.


Share the rewards right? Those high pen gun abusers should let other players get the kills because they abuse good guns.


I am pretty much exclusively a heavy tank or SPG player…

You dislike players who are playing the game as intended, so you try to teamkill them.

No further context is required.



Nah, it’s a non-issue to me.

If I want some cap points I’ll ask. If I’m indulged, cool. If not, whatever.