Solid AP nerfed again?

so i fired up the game today to start working on the tog and i noticed that solid shot feels particularly anemic after yesterdays big update, it almost feels like half the time my rounds disappear after penetrating armor, not only that but ap seems to be struggling to penetrate armor plates that stats wise it should be able to go right through with practically no issue. it feels too consistent to be a bug but there’s nothing in the patch notes about ap being nerfed

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I played the new T54E2 and the solid AP felt useless. I switched to APDS.

Not sure why the ground devs go out of their way to make AP as terrible as possible.

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That is one of the saddest things in the game, it is something that has been dragging on in the game for many years, the damage model has been the main reason why there were tech trees that were a real pain to play and so Above all, it is the cause that we have a balance of Br in many absurd cases.
This game has no salvation, and in each update everything gets worse and worse, if Full AP no longer works now it would be another disaster for the game in this update added to the extremely absurd cutting of maps, making the maps already have Or strategy and just run forward until you kill or die and the end, a real disaster and an extremely horrendous and meaningless decision.
Faith in this game 0%.