So, you gaijin delete my susgestion about ground battle high tier map I need MOD to explain to me why?

Okay around two weeks ago i put my suggestion about high tier map overhaul and it on pending for too long now it gone it because it got delete or got ignore and why? do i still need to play tanks that had laser rangefinder and thermal with the map like this??? (and also half of the map are no go zone)

I need explanation why?


You aren’t the only one looking for answers.


There’s avenues for that, such as contacting the suggestion moderators…

Who’d have thought…

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You think i’m not done that before? I did and got ignore

Then chase up another… I get responses all the time when I’m querying things.

Well enough is enough really plus i want them to answer here because people need to know too because it not only my problem but a lot of people in community

Do they?

This want for pitchfork weilding players is quite misconceived to be honest.

We see a lot of complaints about the map in high tier and i just want to take it serious better do something than sit still and keep silent

Just because you see people moaning in chat and in matches, doesn’t mean they are a significant portion…

Like, honestly, the amount of moaning in game, and the SECOND that anyone debates it, it ends up being an argument I can actually see why people ignore chat, and even go so far as to turn it off…

It’s that old echochamber from the vocal minority that make the issue worse because they are only wanting to ‘vent’…

The ‘venting’ has gone on so long that it’s actually causing a lot of trouble.

It not just in the chat even here in the forum you can see people complain about the map and they have a point about the map that it suck and i do agreed with them right now high tier it about go rush cap drive around a little die and CAS and i’m the one doing something like that for a year it fun at first now it start to get boring and gameplay become tasteless now

Same deal…

The spam from the threads is evident…

You know where to go, and who to chase up… It’s only to make a scene that you ‘need’ to push it into the open.

Yea ive made several suggestions , and i get an email saying it was approved, click the link "oops looks like thats not a valid link " so they send out saying it was approved and then delete it. they are still upset with the community over the whole thing that happened a bit ago.

That could easily mean it’s in a section, that you can’t actually access…

well guess i’ll just wait and see.

You can also do the same as I suggested through the who is who thread.